The Beauty of Awards Season

lady gaga gif.gif

It’s that time of year again. Red carpets, cameras, fake Hollywood smiles…it’s every celebrity watcher’s dream come true. Truth be told, I’m an awards show addict myself. The Golden Globes and Oscars are my go-to guilty pleasures during the long, cold winter months. As an amateur sartorialist, they’re also worth keeping an eye on solely for the interesting red carpet fashion choices. Tulle, chiffon, satin, we get to see it all.

True, it is a bit dull watching Weinstein Company films (no matter how good or bad they may be) take top honours every single year. Critics have also bemoaned the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees. One thing’s for sure: no matter the year, awards shows will always entertain, encourage fierce competition and cause a healthy amount of controversy.

Let’s take a moment to focus on this year’s Golden Globes. The most important thing I learned was the following: Ricky Gervais is an unapologetic human being who is never afraid of holding back punches. Also, Lady Gaga can act (or at least her peers think so). Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio might finally have a chance at winning the Best Actor Oscar that has eluded him for so many years. Speaking of Gaga and DiCaprio, did you see their little run-in? Side note: the Golden Globes are not necessarily a stone-cold predictor of award winners.

As for the Oscars, they’re the complete opposite of the champagne-flowing party that is the Golden Globes. While I feel that fashion at the Oscars is slightly more elevated, its entertainment factor is extremely low. Case in point: past co-presenters James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Now that was painful to watch. The Academy can just never seem to shake off its old-fashioned, narrow-minded image. The lack of nominated films this year featuring actors of colour further supports this perception, and rightly so.

Regardless of one’s interest in awards shows, Hollywood’s brightest stars never fail to disappoint. Just like in years past, these next few weeks are going to be a wild ride.


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