The Right Way to Success

Have you ever found yourself having the desire to be successful? 

I think most of us would be able to answer yes.

But how does one actually reach success?

What would you think if I told you that success cannot actually be pursued?


Most people today set out on a mission to become successful.  It becomes of such high importance that it almost turns into one big check list of the ‘Steps to Success,’ and what we see ourselves as needing to do to reach that desired destination.  Setting goals and possessing the flame of ambition are amazing qualities to have, but sometimes one goes about reaching success from the wrong way.


Keeping that in mind, each of us are unique individuals, and we each have our own interests and desires.  Along with this comes a different ‘checklist’ to get to where we want to be; if it’s the next hit pop star, or the employee of the month; we each have our own different desires for success.  But as I mentioned earlier, we cannot chase after success.  It’s almost like a paradox; the more we chase after it, the more it seems to just be out of our reach.  This may or may not come from setting too high of expectations. Although despite that, there’s a correct, and ultimately less stressful way, to reach success which intertwines with what we, as individuals, are meant to do during our life time.Quote1


Take a second to think about what you’re passionate about.  Focus on that burning flame within you when you work towards your ultimate interests.  Even if you haven’t found what you’re meant to work towards yet, what topics feel especially interesting to you?  The thing about success is that it will come to you the less you focus on it.  What we are meant to do is to discover and dive deeper into our burning passion.  When we do this, not just at warm temperature, but at a white hot flame, this is when we will naturally draw success in towards us.  The best part about this is that we will experience a tremendous amount of decreased stress, because we will not be working towards ‘gaining the favor of others’ or ‘surpassing other people,’ we will simply be able to enjoy what it is we are meant to do.


It’s not competiveness, violence, or taking advantage of others that bring success.  It’s simply being passionate.  And doing so will shine through to the rest of the world.

Solar System Gif

So next time you find yourself adding onto your ‘success checklist,’ remember to stay true to yourself and simply so what feels right to you.  If you follow your passion and embrace it with open arms, good things will come to you, especially when you’re least expecting it.



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