Time for Tea



“Do more of what makes you happy”.

As simple as the command is, it was something that I struggled with for a very long time. In a way, I think we all struggle to do things simply because they make us happy.  People often have the misconception that happiness grows with material things and that until you have all of the material things, you won’t be happy. While it is true that some material things can bring you happiness, it’s the little things that we often overlook that bring us the most happiness.

I was engaged in a conversation with a friend recently and I told him about how I used to have a very organized, firm schedule and truly enjoyed the sense of security that it gave me. That simple conversation led me to write this post. How is it, I asked myself, that a mere routine could make me so happy? The answer is simple: it included all of the things that I really enjoy. I had times scheduled out for exercise, hanging out with friends, writing…even my tea times were scheduled.

Have you ever heard people say that if something is really important to you, you will make time for it? In a society that generally looks down upon having an overly structured schedule, it’s often hard to take time out for the small things. Although this is a new year and maybe a “new you”, I encourage you to look to your past and see what you may have lost along the way. As we grow older and shoulder more responsibilities, we tend to brush aside the small things with the excuse that you don’t have time for them anymore. If you are not satisfied with what you’ve given up in exchange for the lifestyle you have now, this is the time to regain what you’ve lost, my friends.

Maybe you want to go on more walks, paint more pictures or get back to playing the piano? Whatever it is that you used to do that you don’t do anymore, I encourage you to take a good look at it and see whether you can really live out your life without it anymore. I, for one, will never part with my tea times again.



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