The Overlooked Student Success Centre


I want to start off with this picture. I’m not going to say much, because I feel like you will interpret it as you like. Just keep this in mind: “success” is determined by you, but also defined by you. It is a personal journey, and not a comparative one.

Now that you’ve had your weekly dose of inspiration, let’s talk about the Student Success Centre here at Western!

There are probably many of you who love taking advantage of the resources around you. Maybe this includes your TA, extra prep sessions or your soph from first year. It’s incredible how many people are willing and enthusiastic about your development and growth as a student here at Western. The Student Success Centre is a prime example, but unfortunately, or so I feel personally, it is disregarded and not taken advantage of. Maybe you disagree and are thinking, “but I use it all the time!”. Well that’s great to hear! Hopefully you can still take something away from this blog post.

Let’s take a little poll here. How many of you honestly know where the Student Success Centre is located? Okay, now how many of you know what is has to offer you? Just from asking my friends and colleagues, I have found that not near enough people know the answer to these two vital questions, so here are some answers, or at least tidbits to point you in the right direction.

Go to your laptop, if you aren’t already, and bookmark This will come in handy; trust me. Now, write down its location or even better, go and visit it sometime so you will be familiar: UCC 210. It’s the big purple room on the second floor of the University Community Centre.

Now let’s break down what you an take away from the success centre. First and foremost, they cater to the needs of you, the student! Whether they be academic or career oriented, there is something they can do for you. Rather than rambling on about every program they offer, I thought I would give you the link to their program directory. This way, you can find something that sparks your interest or that is directly applicable to you.

They don’t just help first years, but second and beyond. Even if you are a mature or international student, there are workshops and resources there for you. Something that I didn’t realize is that they have many volunteer opportunities available as well, one of the big ones being Western Serves! Every September, Western Serves organizes a day of community service where you have the chance to directly help the lives of others in the London community. The best part is you can choose to continue with that group even after that day. If you’re looking for other leadership opportunities, consider the Success Leader positions. Their biggest opportunity is the LAMP mentoring team. A great way to help incoming first years bridge the gap between high school and university. \

The Success Centre is also where the Scholar’s Electives and Western Scholars programs are located. This is also where Purpology fits in! We are a student run blog made run under the Western Scholars program. All in all, they offer many initiatives for energetic and motivated individuals to expand and showcase their skills and knowledge.

I think the best highlight of the Success Centre is that they offer direct help for that dreaded year after University, when you have to find a job and start your professional development. Whether you need resume help, interview practice or don’t even know where to start looking, they can help point you in the right direction. If this is the case for you, consider their career counselling and exploration services. Also, check out their upcoming career conference! It’s Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 from 9am-5pm at the University Community Centre, and the cost is only $25 which gives you access to a full day of information and even more resources.

So, please, go and check it out! It is an invaluable resource you have already paid into through your outrages tuition expenses, so why not use it? Last thing I will mention is Western’s co-curricular record. Bookmark this too! It helps you plan your outside of school events, engagements and build your professionalism. It is an online record of all the other things you do outside of the classroom. Clubs, exec positions, workshops, you name it! Many things at Western are “co-curricular record approved” and can be added to this record. It’s a great thing to show future employers or put on grad school applications. You do so much more than study. Don’t be scared to showcase it!


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