2 k 1 6

Hello hello hello beautiful humans.

Welcome back to a brand new fresh semester at Western. Other than powering through 2 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, silently crying while watching my friends tropical snapchat stories, ringing in 2016 at a fabulous Power to Change Conference, and getting the flu – I am well on my way to return back to school.

Now I know there are so many generic resolution lists floating around and I do not expect my list to be any more different or less generic than others EXCEPT that I am not calling my list “New Years Resolutions”  as the word resolution has outgrown itself seeing as its definition is:

  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.

I’m not promising that I will do or not do these because well, I’m human and I mess up. But I do have determination and perseverance so that’s got to count for something right??

So to start things off in no hierarchal importance – I present you with

the list…

  1. Floss [to avoid the guilt of lying to my dentists when they ask if I do and I answer with a simple nod that shakes my conscious]
  2. Read [novels. Not just HONY’s Instagram posts, Buzzfeed articles or readings for classes. I mean sit down with a good thick novel, cup of tea by my side, wrapped up in a cozy blanket reading. It doesn’t even have to always be that luxurious. I will try to always have a novel by my side at all times to resort to]
  3. Volunteer – I’ve come to realize I have a lot more free time than I admit. I love children so why not start with that?
  4. Gym [timidation can leave. I need to get my butt back into shape, literally. And not just the wussy cardio treadmill running.]
  5. Sayonara Netflix – I’ve grown too attached to entertaining myself with television. Lets have some more productivity please.]
  6. Bring Back le telephone – I’ve realized this break how much I’ve missed my hometown friends and how much we have to catch up on. Let’s bring back the beautiful invention of the telephone and put to use the 200 mins i’m paying for anyways.


To be honest. I am putting this out there for some accountability so expect a full report in a few months of how I pulled through on hopefully 1/6 of these .


ye of little faith. I’ll have 2/6 of these down pat.



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