The Curious Case of Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose logo

Whenever the cold weather descends on our fair country, I always notice the increasing presence of Canada Goose jackets being worn by my fellow students. Yes, they’re beautiful. And yes, they’re expensive. They look quite warm and are definitely stylish – just ask every celebrity in Hollywood. Whatever praise Canada Goose is receiving for its jackets, I just don’t buy into it, and probably never will.

I don’t recall the first time I saw a Canada Goose jacket, but I imagine that I would have admired and stared at it for a very long time. The simplistic design and variety of colours available are enough to make anyone drool. Don’t even get me started on the celebrities. The fact is, the popularity of Canada Goose is now comparable to other major fashion trends such as Ugg boots (aka clown boots, but that’s just my personal opinion).

In a way, I’m proud to say that I have never coveted a Canada Goose jacket, not even before they started to become popular. They simply are not for me. Close friends and family know that I never try to dress according to current trends. There’s too much conformity involved. I would never let my life be dictated by the most popular clothing item on the street. To be perfectly honest, there are many other companies that make warm, fashionable jackets without asking customers to fork over several hundred dollars. For Canada Goose, it all has to do with brand power.

You know what’s most interesting about this trend? It’s the speed at which people embraced it – they all took to the jackets like a duck to water. I can even recall examples from my personal experience where several friends and family members became infatuated with the company. From then on, the new winter “uniform” was born: for females, it was a Canada Goose jacket paired with black leggings (probably from Lululemon) and Ugg boots. Last year, I would often see a group of girls dressed in the same aforementioned outfit. To say I was bemused is an understatement.

As I was writing this post, I felt that it was only fitting to conclude with a personal anecdote. Last year on Black Friday, I decided to buy a new winter coat from Old Navy. It was similar in aesthetic to a Canada Goose jacket but without the huge price tag. The Old Navy jacket was puffy and grey with a (faux) fur-lined hood. The first time I wore it, someone asked me if it was from Canada Goose. I had to resist the urge to break out into a huge grin.


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