Musings from a Mjolnir Enthusiast

Mjolnir GIF

Whenever I watch the Avengers, or read the comics, I’m always enthralled by the idea of Mjolnir. It’s a hammer, but so much more. It’s the freaking machine of death.

But it’s more than just a killing machine. It has magical properties, most often recognized by the lightening Thor can summon by it, or that only someone worthy of ruling Asgard can pick it up. So pretty much, only Thor can wield it, although there was that awesome scene in the last Avengers movie where Vision picked it up. There have also been others in the comic series who have been worthy enough to hold it.

Worthy Elevator

But as Jane Foster says, as quoted from Arthur C. Clarke, “Magic is just science we don’t understand yet.” Therefore, you could extend that to the hammer, saying that Mjolnir has science backing it up, we just don’t understand it yet.

I saw this picture today, and ended up actually thinking a lot about it.

Mjolnir Nutella

Yay for being distracted when I should be studying, right?

Let’s just start off by saying that Thor here is so mean. I mean, seriously, not letting anyone else have the Nutella? And not only that, but putting it in plain sight so others can actually see their lack of Nutella? So rude.

My friend and I started bouncing ideas off each other as to how the Avengers could get to that Nutella. My first thought was that they could knock the jar over sideways, and the hammer would fall off. My friend reminded me of this scene-

Mjolnir on Loki

If Loki can’t twist the hammer off of himself, I doubt anyone could knock the jar over. I then suggested that the table itself be knocked over, since the hammer isn’t directly on it.

My friend pointed out that the hammer was really heavy, and therefore putting a lot of pressure on the table, and it probably wouldn’t be able to be knocked over either.

So I thought about it for a bit, and came up with the most brilliant solution.

The best way to get to the Nutella would be to go under the table, and cut a hole under the jar. It would have to be just a bit bigger than the jar, so that the jar could slide through, but not so big that the hammer would fall through as well.

This time, my friend had nothing to counter me with.

So there you have it. How to get a Nutella jar out from under Mjolnir. I justified spending time thinking about this by saying that it was a complex, abstract problem, and by solving it I was gaining valuable skills I could use in my exams.


Dropping Mjolnir GIF


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