Time Lapses Around Campus

Hello everyone, it has been a while. It has been a very busy second year in medical sciences for me and I hope everyone is doing great. While I was around campus during the first semester, I had time to shoot time lapses around campus. I have uploaded these videos to YouTube and wanted to... Continue Reading →

The Curious Case of Canada Goose Jackets

Whenever the cold weather descends on our fair country, I always notice the increasing presence of Canada Goose jackets being worn by my fellow students. Yes, they’re beautiful. And yes, they’re expensive. They look quite warm and are definitely stylish – just ask every celebrity in Hollywood. Whatever praise Canada Goose is receiving for its... Continue Reading →

Ten Books to Read Over Your Winter Break

Is your mind saturated from reading too many textbooks? Kick back and refresh your mind with these ten great books over your winter break. This reading list was recommended by Jane Ciabattari writing for the BBC Culture Report. James Lee Burke, House of the Rising Sun Burke, named a ‘grand master’ by the Mystery Writers... Continue Reading →

Are we nearing an Age of Genetic Enhancement?

Last week, the first international gene editing summit was held in Washington to discuss new techniques for altering human DNA. The summit was a response to recent breakthroughs in gene editing technology. Earlier this year, in a world-first, scientists in China announced that they had carried out gene editing in human embryos. They were attempting... Continue Reading →

Holiday Challenge

Many of us probably have the holiday break on our minds. I personally cannot wait until my exams are over, and I can finally curl up on my couch in front of my fireplace and read a book. I'm not talking about required school readings though. I mean reading for my own leisure. I've recently... Continue Reading →

Learn How to Make Stress Your Best Friend

When was the last time that you've experienced stress? A week ago?  Yesterday? Maybe even right now? Regardless of when it occurred, stress is obviously not the greatest feeling, both psychologically and physiologically. I mean who's got the time for sweaty palms, butterflies, and shakiness? As if experiencing these symptoms isn't bad enough, our stress response often... Continue Reading →

Musings from a Mjolnir Enthusiast

Whenever I watch the Avengers, or read the comics, I’m always enthralled by the idea of Mjolnir. It’s a hammer, but so much more. It’s the freaking machine of death. But it’s more than just a killing machine. It has magical properties, most often recognized by the lightening Thor can summon by it, or that... Continue Reading →

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