Christmas Music in November

Christmas is a time where people can find happiness in the cold and dark winter months, as it is an excuse for everyone to come together with friends and family to celebrate joy and have fun. It is a time to forget about your troubles and enjoy the company of your loved ones, and a time to show your gratitude to all the important people in your life. It is a time to indulge in your favourite foods and beverages, and a time to make memories doing fun winter activities. It truly is the “most wonderful time of the year!”

Christmas music, warm beverages, festive treats, and genuine happiness. I love this time of year. The weeks of December holiday are always spent with friends and family, making memories together that are never forgotten. Believe it or not, Christmas presents are not my favourite part of the season. Although I do love buying presents for other people, and wrapping everything in sight, it still does not account for my love of the season.

On November 1st of every year I am throwing out my festive pumpkin with one hand, and setting up my miniature Christmas tree with the other. The Christmas season is my favourite time of year, though I am not religious at all. I don’t celebrate this holiday for any religious significance, but rather for the spirit it brings to everyone I know.

To me, Christmas does not begin and end on December 25th. I am jamming to Jingle Bells and Baby It’s Cold Outside in early November, and avoid listening to anything non-spirited until the new year. I love the memories that each song reminds me of, and I love the mood the songs put me in. Christmas cheer is not limited to one day, or the few days leading up to it, it is a season of happiness and tradition.


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