Are You More Tony Stark or Pepper Potts?

  1. A mad man breaks into your house, threatening you with his new fangled gun that shoots out beams of radiation. You-

A) Tell him the flaws behind his gun and how he could potentially upgrade it.

B) Calmly call Happy and get Jarvis to lock down the building.

GUN gif


  1. Phil Coulson shows up in your elevator, without your prior knowledge. You-

A) Asks Jarvis to taser him into the next realm.

B) Invite him in and offer him a drink.



  1. When walking through your house, you notice someone has left out a bottle of alcohol. You-

A) Drink it. It was left out there for a reason, right?

B) Put it away, and sigh at the messiness of your roommates.



  1. Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, falls face first out the air vent he was in while spying on you. You-

A) Laugh hysterically to the point that you fall over.

B) Rush over to see if he is injured.



  1. A new, beautiful, lady is working in your law department, and she has some forms for you to sign. You-

A) Flirt with her the entire time and try to get her to have a drink with you.

B) Sign the forms without a second glance.



  1. There’s an ugly, very expensive painting on sale that you have no interest in, but your rival does. You-

A) Buy it. He’s not getting his hands on it if you can help it!

B) Don’t even give it a second thought.



  1. Someone leaves a very dangerous, alien piece of technology unattended. You-

A) Run some scans on it and try to figure out if you can use it somehow.

B) Call security and find out who’s supposed to be looking after it.



  1. You’ve just saved the city from an alien attack, and you’re very worn out. You-

A) Go for shawarma at a destroyed restaurant with the rest of your team.

B) Call it an early night and go to bed.



  1. It’s 2am. You-

A) Are working on your latest inventions, having not eaten or slept since…. since sometime.

B) Are in bed sleeping soundly.



  1. A nasty rumour is going around the internet about your personal life. You-

A) Go on camera and tell them the truth. You don’t have a girl over almost every night, thank you. You have a girl over every night.

B) Ask the PR department to handle it quickly and quietly.



If you got mostly A’s– You’re more like Tony Stark! Sure, you have a few eccentricities, and maybe some drinking problems, but you’re very passionate about science. You care deeply about anything science-y, and are often up late into the night working on your latest and greatest inventions.

If you got mostly B’s– You’re more like Pepper Potts! You are thoughtful, and never jump into anything without thinking it through first. You’re passionate about a lot of things, but always put others first and make sure everyone is safe. You’re kind of like a mother-hen.



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