Bus Surfing for Dummies


Is the cold weather getting you down? Dreaming of a sunny day at the beach? Here is an easy solution to all your November blues. BUS SURFING!

This is a how-to guide for this simple and fun sport. In no time at all, you can become a bus surfing pro!

STEP 1: Ditch walking to school and take the bus (easy enough considering the cold temperatures 🙂

STEP 2: Stand up and offer your seat to someone else (isn’t that nice of you! 😉

STEP 3: Make sure that there is enough space around you so that you will not be bumping into anything or anyone.

STEP 4: Let go of anything you are holding onto, but keep a support within reach so that you can quickly grab onto it if you lose your balance.

STEP 5: Assume the surfing position! Keep your legs slightly apart and squat in order to have better control over your center of mass.

STEP 6: As the bus accelerates and makes turns, try to maintain stability. If you anticipate that you will lose your balance or bump into something, grab onto a support. Remember, safety always comes first!

STEP 7: Picture yourself on a beach and temporarily let go of unwanted thoughts.

STEP 8: Even though you are having fun, remember to get off at the right stop!

Who said that getting to class can’t be fun?

WARNING: Bus surfing can be dangerous and may result in personal injury. It is neither safe nor advisable. If you choose to partake in this activity, you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for the choices you make. Thus, we cannot be held liable for any physical injury you may incur as a result of following the steps outlined above. You are encouraged to think critically before trying bus surfing.


This is the feeling that I get whenever I see one of those drug commercials on TV.


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