LT – SEE!!!!!

Today I experienced something on the bus that saddened me deeply. A man trying to catch the 2A Dundas bus ran his heart out at the bus stop shouting for the bus to stop. The entire bus heard his plea, including the bus driver, yet the driver started its engine and drove off. Everyone on the bus was dumbfounded. Another passenger was shouting at the driver to stop but the driver paid no attention.


I have personally been a victim to this as the bus has driven by me on multiple occasions.

I understand the necessity of not over cramming a bus but I’ve seen other bus drivers to go extreme lengths to allow maximum capacity on busses so I know other bus drivers can fit more than they do as well.


Especially now that the weather is dropping and it’s becoming more tedious to wait at a freezing cold bus stop , it is becoming more crucial that bus drivers allow more passengers onto the bus.


One evening, I waited for a bus for 10 minutes for it to pass by, so I thought I would be more clever and choose a less populated bus stop. I was wrong. The next bus drove right by me as well so I was left to walk home from Alumni Hall all the way to Oxford and Wharncliffe [which is a 25 min walk approx.] at 11 pm. I called my dad on the way home for some company and to keep my conscious at ease and he freaked out when he heard the cars in the background and found out I was walking home alone that late at night.


The way I see this is – these problems do have  feasible solutions.


Those double length busses are wondrous, yet I never understand why the 2 Dundas rarely sports it. I know those babies would be able to fit a multitude of students, especially at night when the 2 Dundas runs less frequently than it should.


Also, the busses are evenly scheduled to come every 10 minutes or so to allow variation and accessibility but I find that the busses often skew from the schedule because they are either earlier or later than expected. Then after waiting at a bus stop for 10 extra minutes, 3 of the same bus COME IN A ROW!!!


Does anyone else feel the frustration or share any same viewpoints or is it just me?

Let me know so I can feel the angst amongst my fellow mustangs.


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