But I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Remember your first day of University? Feeling all excited, and maybe even a little bit nervous about it all? But part of you was at least a bit excited about growing up, no? Some part of you was sooooo ready to move on to bigger and better things. You just wanted to get out of high school and experience the world for yourself. Now it’s a few months, or even years, later and you’re thinking, “growing up sucks.” We all find ourselves looking for that exit sign from time to time; the search for neverland, where no one ever has to grow up.

Maybe you’re the student in your last year thinking, “I’m actually going to have to get a real job next year, or stay in school forever to stay competitive in this job market. Ahhh!”

You could even be the first year saying, “I still have another 3 or 4 years to get my act together. First year doesn’t matter anyways. Phew..”

Or maybe you’re somewhere the middle wondering, “How on earth did these first few years fly by?! And oh my gosh, I’m already halfway done…yikes!”

Either way, I think everyone can relate to the feeling of “getting old” and growing up. Maybe you’re still living in ignorant bliss, and if you are, hold onto that for a while. It will save you from much stress and anxiety. But for the rest, growing up can be an unsettling feeling.

There’s no one to hold your hand anymore. The training wheels are off. You’re on your own.

You’re an adult now, and everyone is expecting you to act like one. That’s a lot of pressure..

The responsibilities are unending and are getting more serious.

You’ve passed the point of no return.

I think we all go through these phases. When we’re kids, all we want to be is all grown up, and we admire one of the big kids cuz we wanna be just like ’em. Then we all hit that delightful tween stage where we just want to get through all the awkwardness as fast possible. Then we become young teenagers who just want to be treated like adults for once, because we are totally capable of taking complete care of ourselves with no assistance whatsoever. (HAHA YEAH RIGHT!) Then, all at once we hit university and we slam on the breaks. Suddenly all of this responsibility that comes with adulthood doesn’t sound as appealing as it once did. We get a little scared about what happens beyond university.

I think for the most part throughout university, we feel fairly supported. Whether this is through family, friends, academic counsellors, mentors or whoever. University does offer a lot of help to get students on the right track. But, there is still that notion, an expectation, that after we graduate we should be ready to take on the world…and that’s terrifying.

No one wants to grow up, but no one natures to be young forever either. It’s really a battle you can’t win. I want to leave with this quote, because I think it’ll give you something to mull over in that adult brain of yours; you can decipher this one for yourselves. 😉

“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.”

― Virginia Woolf


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