Relive the Glory Days

Through spending my summer as a tennis coach for elementary school children, I have realized we can actually learn a lot from these kiddos.

  1. Be ambitious in everything that you do

It’s okay to have a competitive side; in fact it’s healthy. This competition, whether it be between two siblings or friends, pushes you to strive for more and reach for that one tier higher. As we get older, we start to find more excuses or just simply become lazy. So, every so often we need to rekindle the child within us by re-unleashing our competitive streak and attempting to achieve our personal best in all aspects of our lives.

Strive for greatness; no one can do that for you!

  1. Don’t put on a facade, show your true emotions

If kids are angry, they’ll show it. If they’re sad, they’ll cry. Happy? They’ll laugh until their faces hurt from smiling. When did we start masking these feelings? Everyone has emotions and it’s time we show it. Children are vulnerable and free. They don’t worry about impressing anyone or fitting into social norms. They’ve got the right idea. After all, the only person we should impress is ourselves. So once again, embrace that inner child and say what you’re feeling. Show emotion. Don’t put up a front to hide behind in order to distance yourself from situations.

It’s always easier and more heart lightening to be open.

  1. Have fun with it

Life’s usually better with a smile. Remember when the world was so lovely and every opportunity was enthralling? No negative thoughts entered your mind when you were trying new activities. And hey, if you weren’t the next prodigy, it didn’t bother you, you’d just laugh it off. Children once again have it figured out here. Don’t be afraid to try new things, make fun of yourself or even just put your own creative spin on situations.

Life’s only as mundane as you make it.


Overall, try to embrace your inner child a little more in your daily life. Relive your golden days by reintroducing what children do best. Work hard, play harder.


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