Why my Profile Picture isn’t Blue, White, and Red


Paris Landscape

It’s trend. When I log into Facebook, all I see is blue, white, and red. Everyone stating that they care about what happened in Paris.

My Facebook picture is not blue, white, and red.

What happened in Paris is a tragedy, but it’s not the only tragedy.

What happened in Paris was terrible. We unfortunately live in a world where some people’s safety is threatened each and every day. There are humans out there who have very radical beliefs, and while that is okay, the way they act on them can be immoral.

But what we have to remember is that Paris is not the one and only incident. By putting that Paris filter on your picture, you are claiming that the only important tragedy in the world at this time is Paris. That our Americanized friends are the only ones we support.

Maybe it’s that we’re numb to everything else. Tragedies in other countries happen everyday, and that makes us numb to it. Or maybe it’s because France is a country not unlike our own, and we’re scared for our own safety.

On November 12th, a day before the attacks in Paris, there were two suicide bombings in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 43. On November 17th, there was a 6.1 magnitude earthquake on the Greek Island of Lefkada, killing two. And as I write this now, over a hundred people have been taken hostage in a hotel in Mali, and there are three confirmed dead.

But yet, our profile pictures only reflect what happened in Paris. There won’t be an option to put on a filter of the Mali flag.

Placing a filter on your profile picture makes you feel good, but has little impact.

It’s really easy to place a filter on your profile picture. You log into Facebook, it prompts you to click a little button, and boom. Your face is now covered in blue, white, and red, and you feel instant gratification. You’re helping, right? You’re standing in solidarity with France. Everyone is going to know you feel rage over what happened in Paris.

Your face in a variety of colours is going to have very little impact. I’m not denying that it will have some impact. It’s great for France to know that we’re here for them, that we do care and feel upset over what happened in their country.

But that is as much as it does. The families of those 130 individuals killed in Paris aren’t going to find closure, or rebuild their lives, just because you changed your picture for a few days. Those in Lefkada won’t be able to rebuild their houses by seeing blue, white, and red everywhere. The thousands that die from hunger everyday all over the world won’t live because your picture has changed a little since yesterday.

Changing your photo is about you feeling good about yourself, and not about actually helping.

There are so many ways you can get involved, and actually commit to helping others around the globe. Here are a few, as suggested by my friend, T. St. P-


Ideas to Help the WorldWebsite to check out- https://www.ijm.ca/the-problem

Showing you care is amazing. As a Western community, let’s try and show we care in new and innovative ways- ways that will have a long and lasting impact over the entire globe.


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