My most nerve-racking exam

I can’t believe I still have to deal with midterms in the late November; in fact, I’ll be writing one in three hours. Honestly, I’m a bit scared, and when I’m scared, my memories likes to take me back to one of the most nerve-racking university exam I’ve ever had…

Night was coming, the students of biochem (yours truly included) was furiously engaged in a battle of life and death with a vicious final exam

Tension was palpable in the air, and the questions were hard; students after students fell prey to exhaustion, fear or simple despair

But not me… as the emblem of perseverance and courage, I forged ahead despite the battering that the questions were giving me. In fact, since I have studied for weeks before the midterm, I was holding well on my own. For a time, all looked well

But that did not last long… as I arrived at question #87, just about to stage the last push to finish the vile exam once and for all, disaster stuck.

I knew the last questions was from a very tricky prof, but even with my diligent preparation, I had not the first clue… in short, to answer the question, I must know just exactly the function of a protein that I had never before heard in my life… and at that moment I knew that question was already lost to me

I suppressed the tears that were staining the corner of my eyes, and forged on ahead to avenge the fallen # 87

But vengeance was not on my side. As I stared at #88, I realized that I couldn’t even start to comprehend what it was even asking… sweat that began as a trickle was now flooding down my back and my forehead

Very well, # 89 then, there must’ve been something I could do to redeem my soul

But redemption was not on my side either. As I read 89, 90, and 91, despair grew heavier and heavier and heavier in my heart; for I had no idea how to do them at all

Faced with these repeated failures, my heart broke at the powerlessness and shame that was crushing me: had I somehow overlooked a critical area when I did my review? or am I simply not cut out for the academic rigours of the university?

Finally, giving into despair, I turned the last page of the exam…

only to see a detailed passage describing that precise same protein, and at the back of the passage, it wrote “use this to answer questions 87 – 92”

My exam code was 444

So naturally, when the exam was scrambled, the internal passage ended up on the the very last page.

Well, that sort of memory will probably stick around in my head for the rest of my life.

Anyhow, I’ve procrastinated long enough… surely things can’t get worse than that…


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