Book Review: Is Scorpio Races Better than Sleep?

Scorpio Races CoverHave you ever held up a book and re-enacted the “Circle of Life” scene from Lion King? It’s a real epidemic and after talking to some of my friends, there is no cure. Once you start holding up books in Starbucks after finishing them, you can’t stop. In the midst of my procrastination relaxation, I got caught by the book Scorpio Races. I’m an English major so I read books for a living and can’t afford to add more to my never-ending repertoire. Boy am I glad my friend killed a bee on my arm with the book and then felt guilty about the juices on it and bought it at that book sale.

The book is about a girl, Puck, who races in the Scorpio races, a deadly competition that happens every November where riders tame flesh-eating water horses from the sea and ride them. As the first girl to do so, she faces many challenges but with the help of Sean Kendrick, she is determined to win and keep her family’s house and her family together.

Sean Kendrick

Puck is this brave, confident girl who destroys all typical female conventions and has convinced me to fly a flag in her honour. So much of the patriarchal society that we live in today is mirrored in the book, and her defiance and ultimate triumph over the system empowers every female reader. She doesn’t completely slay despite being a girl, but because she’s a girl. The author is also very eloquent and descriptive when she writes. The whole island comes alive in the book and is so complex that it seems like a character of its own.

Although the book is an off-beat romance, it’s very subtle and the other subplots almost overshadow it. I mean, I’m a sucker for a ride into the sunset just like the rest of them, but can we please not have a girl’s worth completely defined on whether she gets the guy at the end? Thanks.

So if you ever feel like getting weird looks at Starbucks and being nicely escorted from the premises for being a constant disturbance, check out the book. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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