What a Waste of Time!

Procrastination is definitely a problem near and dear to most of our hearts. There always seems to be some kind of event or riveting opportunity presented that interferes with what needs to be done. Instead of spreading out our studying, we tend to leave it all to the last minute and hope for the best.

But you know what? Our lives would be much more manageable and contain less stress if we eradicate procrastination. Instead of having the guilt build up as a result of putting off our schoolwork, we can get what needs to be done out of the way first. This way, our lives are in order and we won’t have the stress of looming deadlines hanging over our heads.

Now, the main culprits of our dear friend procrastination are ultimately:

  1. Technology

In our lives today, the 21st century, we are constantly connected to everything and everyone via our cell phones and computers. I get it, it’s addicting. You need to stay updated on social media and text your friends about your plans that night. The best way to solve this issue is to lose your phone when you’re studying. I’m not talking about having your phone turned off on your desk. NO NO, too tempting. What I’m saying is you literally need to not know the whereabouts of your beloved device. Get your friend to hide it and later fetch it for you when you’re done. No temptation there!

  1. Friends/Acquaintances

Everyone loves spending time with their friends. If we didn’t, procrastination would not be a problem. But when it comes to meeting deadlines, sometimes isolation is key. Just try and take some time to yourself each day and it will make a world of difference with your level of productivity.

  1. FOMO

Lastly, the elusive FOMO. Fear of missing out. Now, this is definitely an issue for a lot of people since they always want to be included in every activity. Just remember, the world will keep spinning if you miss an event and your social schedule will not be hindered by one missed shindig. Sometimes, you really have to try and prioritize the level of importance of opportunities as they are presented. This will help you to become the best version of yourself and truly leave procrastination in the past!


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