Treat Yo’ Self

Have you ever felt tired?  Not just the typical ‘get some rest’ kind of tired, but the kind that seems to ache out of every inch of your body?  The kind that just can’t be ignored?  Sometimes when you get to this point of being tired, it can be difficult to transition from one task to the next.  We all know that as university students, regardless of what program is being studied, we have a heck of a lot of things being thrown at us at every moment.  This can be good, because it makes us a stronger (not to mention smarter) person overall, although after doing this for so long, you can’t help but feel ‘tired.’

And this is what I want to say to you right now; Treat yourself.  Treat yourself to go see your favourite movie.  Treat yourself to an hour of shut eye.  Treat yourself to a massage.  Regardless of what it is, you need to do it.  If you keep pushing forwards without taking a break, it’ll just get more difficult to do so.  Especially now that midterm time is wrapping up, we all deserve a bit of a break in order to recharge the ol’ batteries before we start on up again.  Whatever you find most relaxing; if it’s going for a hike, doing some sketching, or picking up the phone and calling your buddy, just do it.  It won’t hurt.

I really want to enforce this because I know it can become all too easy to get overly wrapped up in the ‘to do list,’ but the reality is, this list is endless.  And so, we need to know when to allow ourselves to just take that moment to unwind.  Afterwards, we’ll not only have increased productivity, but we’ll be in a better mood overall, and have a renewed appreciation for everything that we begin to take for granted.  So I’ll make things short and sweet.  Take that break.  You deserve it.


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