November Stress

I find myself awake at 2 o’clock in the morning, wasting time neither studying nor sleeping. Sometimes the anxious feeling that there is just too much to handle, stops us from even attempting to combat the simple tasks that are stressing us out. If we merely think logically and begin to chip away at the tasks that stress us out, we will feel much better when 2AM strikes.

So how do we fight our stress and begin our work? Here is a list of what may help when it comes to Nail-Biting-November.

1. Exercise often.

Yes, you’ve heard this before. And you may have rolled your eyes when your parents have told you to take time out your day to get those endorphins flowing. You may argue that you have no time for exercising, but this simply isn’t true. How many minutes a day do you stare at your phone, browse Facebook, or reorganize your calendar in an attempt to procrastinate? This time can be much better spent on an activity that will improve your health, and lower your stress levels.

2. Sleep well.

I know it seems like a great idea to hammer out your study notes in the dark hours of the night, but you will not retain as much information when your body is tired and unfocused. Studying and accomplishing tasks when your body is awake and alert will allow you to use your time more effectively and avoid the need to restudy information.

3. Socialize frequently.

Isolating yourself to a small study room will not have the best affects on your stress levels. Forming study groups to review with peers, or taking breaks to socialize with friends and families can relieve stress and keep your grounded in this anxious time. Remember that most people around you are also feeling stressed, so if you support each other you will mutually benefit.

4. Eat healthy.

Eating unhealthy can leave you feeling sluggish and lazy. Make sure to pay attention to what you’re eating, and when you’re eating. “Study snacking” will have a negative affect on your health, and we are all guilty of it. Grabbing the junk food when trying to review notes is tempting, but resisting is very important. Fueling your body with healthy food and fresh snacks will keep you energetic and alert.

5. Ask for help.

Don’t be afraid to admit your stress and ask for help whenever necessary. Whether you feel you could benefit from extra review with your TA, a study session with your peers, or even a discussion with a counsellor on your emotional stability during this stressful time—make sure you get the help that you need. Your wellbeing is crucial!

If you are reading this post and relate to the anxiety that midterm season can bring, remember to use your time wisely, and follow the suggestions above. The most important thing you can remember is to take care of yourself, and put your wellbeing above all else!


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