European Trapped Inside a Canadian Body

Wanderlust. A German word meaning a strong desire to travel. Today, our world is so interconnected, providing ample opportunities to explore new lands and cultures. There’s just something about venturing into the unknown that makes it so appealing. With all the technology we have today, it is so very easy to metaphorically travel from the comfort of your own computer screen. Whether it be through picture or videos, it can all be presented to us at the click of a button.

But personally, I feel there is a major difference between seeing and doing. It is so much more enriching to experience it yourself. Experience the architecture, the art, the language and the people. Every country is unique in it’s own special way and it is utterly enlightening to leave the comfort of your own world and live like someone else for a while.

Sadly, with the pressing deadlines of work and school, it often seems that wanderlust is like an itch you just can’t scratch. A lot of times, it is very difficult to just drop what you’re doing and go travelling. I personally have this issue. I could have what you call a “European obsession.” I absolutely adore all aspects of the European lifestyle. I love the old, cobblestone streets, the well-aged architecture and the history behind each and every city. Being in Europe just has such a different old-world vibe when compared to Canada.


But hey, I live in this country, not Europe. And while it’d be nice to spend more time in that continent, that doesn’t mean there’s not adventure in my own backyard. Sometimes, travelling doesn’t need to involve a plane ride. There’s always excursions in uncharted territory (well, uncharted to you at least) everywhere you look. So if your wanderlust can’t be fulfilled with a far off destination, learn a new language, try a new food dish or even venture out into that forest in your town.

Adventure awaits, sometimes you just need to use a little creativity to find it.


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