Closet Cosplay- Being Someone Else, While Being Yourself

DarkBrotherhood Cosplay

Cosplay- [kos-pley] Noun; the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, especially from manga, animation, and science fiction.

With science fiction and general geek-ery making a huge comeback in ‘what’s cool’, cosplay has become a thing of pride for many people. Once upon a time, people thought of cosplayers as old men who lived in their parent’s basement, cross-dressing as their favourite female characters because they were lonely and wanted companionship.

Nowadays, cosplay is pretty popular, and the old-fashioned notion of it being only for creepy people has long since disappeared. Every age, body type, and stage of life can cosplay as their favourite fictional character.

AC cosplay

Cosplaying often boosts the cosplayer’s confidence. Think of one of your favourite fictional characters. I’m thinking of Hawkeye. If you were dressed like them, and looked like them, wouldn’t you feel confident? You’d feel awesome and cool, because you were playing as somebody that cool.

The only problem is, cosplaying on a regular basis isn’t practical. Can you imagine what your professor would do if you showed up in a full out Loki costume every class?


A new trend is sweeping through the closets of the geeks, known as ‘Closet Cosplay’. Closet cosplay is taking the idea of cosplay, and making it wearable anywhere and everywhere.

Closet cosplay uses items and clothes you already own, hence the ‘closet’ part of the name. By mimicking the colours, theme, and lines of a fictional character’s outfit, you can feel like Loki all day, without appearing strange to some people.

Here’s an example of what you could potentially wear to look like the Avengers (and Loki)-

Everyone Cosplay

Closet cosplay gives individuals a boost of confidence without looking strange. Others may notice your outfit too, which is all the more fun.

“My, your outfit today reminds me a lot of Captain America!”

*Sneaky giggle* “Why thank you!”

CA Closet Cosplay

Looking like your favourite character is a great way to pay homage to what you enjoy, and it allows you to be yourself. There are tons of blogs and Pinterest boards that have great ideas of what to wear to look like your favourite fiction person.

Anyways, Loki wouldn’t put up with failing a midterm. Maybe looking like him will scare that midterm into submission.

Scary Loki Gif


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