Starving University Students 

Maybe some of you know, or are, the next Martha Stewart, but I can say personally that cooking for one is no simple task. First of all, it takes a little more time investment to prepare your own food, and there is inevitably dishes to do afterwards. Then there’s trying to portion it out so you don’t make too much or too less food…. After saying that, it’s really tempting to make the classic Kraft Dinner but, as delicious as it may be, I want to share some quick and easy cooking tips.

1. Invest in a Crockpot!

It will be your saving grace. Before you leave for class that day you can throw in some pasta, mashed potatoes, soup, meat, vegetables or really anything imaginable. It cooks it and keeps it warm for when you return home that same night.

2. Eggs are a universal meal option

It sounds ridiculous, but think about it: Breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can’t go wrong with eggs.

Fried eggs, omelettes, poached eggs, French toast, egg salad, devilled eggs… And they’re all super quick and require minimal preparation.

They also make a great topping on salad, and are a great way to incorporate some protein into your diet.

3. Make your freezer your best friend.

Buying in bulk helps to save you money, but it’s hard to eat it all before it goes bad. Soooo throw it in the freezer, especially your bread products. Bagels, muffins, pastries, or whatever else will all be kept fresh for when you need it. Simply defrost it and it will taste just as delicious as it did when you first bought it.

4. If and when you get to go home, steal all of the leftovers.

It’s free and delicious home cooking right at your fingertips. Why wouldn’t you want an extra slice of homemade apple pie, or some of mamma’s scrumptious meatballs. Some nights you’re tired and don’t want to cook anything for yourself anyways, so leftovers provide the perfect solution.

5. Check out some recipes.

Here’s a website with 101 options. That should keep you busy for a while 😉

As students, we’re always on a budget and food gets to be a pretty high bill after eight months. Some grocery stores offer student discounts. Metor on Oxford street here in London offers students a 10% on Tuesdays. And this may sound super cheap, but bring your own bags to avoid being charged that extra five cents per bag.  Another grocery shopping tip is to find out what points systems they offer. Again, you might be thinking “but I don’t care that much”, but I’ve collected enough PC Plus points to get me $100 in free groceries over this past year! Definitely something worth checking out if you are a frequent shopper at one particular store.

Hopefully you’re finding some more tips and tricks of your own. If anyone needs a taste tester, you know where to find me! 😉

Bon appetit!

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