What Makes You YOU?

Have you ever stopped to notice that there are advertisements literally everywhere you look nowadays?  Like get that new and improved facial cleansing formula!  Or go try out the new performance enhancing sports gear!  Buy this!  Get that!  New products continuously get released onto the market, and so no one is ever really ‘good enough.’

Or so that’s what they want us to think.  Because we are constantly, and I mean constantly, being exposed to these ads, we are lead to believe that the only way for us to be good enough is to buy the latest jacket, rock the newest skaters and own the slickest phone on the market.  But because there’s really no end to it, how can we possibly ever be ‘good enough’ in the eyes of society?  Is there any way to keep up?  The even worse part about it is that companies know that they have society wrapped around their finger.  With a single word, they can change the self acceptance of millions.


On top of all of that, they create an illusion.  We can become so caught up in chasing after the newest products that the most important things get ignored or entirely missed out on.  It’s terrible these days when we base their self worth off of the clothes that we wear or the car that we drive. It can especially be dangerous when we place our level of self worth into the hands of the top selling companies.  Obviously, what comes out onto the market is not something that we can control, and so at any moment we can be left feeling badly about ourselves because we can’t afford the newest phone.  How sad is it that instead of helping one another out, society has structured itself into an endless game of cat and mouse?

And what happens to the real defining aspects of a person?  Things like personality, being a good friend, showing the virtues; where did those all go?  Did they get thrown onto a conveyer belt and assembled into the next leading hair product?  It’s important for us as individuals to focus on developing these aspects of ourselves as supposed to putting our attention on what it is that we own. The next time you see a company promising to ‘make you a better person,’ stop and consider whether or not it’s really true. In most cases, it’s not.

You are worthy enough, strong enough, and capable enough regardless of your possessions.  You don’t need the newest all-in-one makeup kit to make yourself look beautiful, because you already are.  The new ‘bootylicious’ yoga pants aren’t needed; you’re already rocking it!   But you need to look even further for who you really are.  And to see who this is, look inside.  All of the most beautiful aspects of you are right there.  It’s your personality, your interests, and your weird little quirks that make you, you.  You’re entirely unique; not just different by the jeans you wear or the perfume you use, but by the characteristics that you were born with, and have had all along.  So the next time you see another misleading advertisement, just walk away, because you know that you truly already have everything. And that’s the existence of you.


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