Apps I Couldn’t Live Without

App advertisements and promotions can be extremely annoying. I have spent time, data, and sometimes even money, downloading apps that end up being a complete waste. Whether they are out of date, offer “in-app purchases”, or simply do not live up to their description promises, the feeling of disappointment is awful. So, here is my list of 3 downloadable apps for your iPhone that I can confidently say you will not regret:

“My Fitness Pal” (Under Armour)

I can agree that counting calories can become obsessive and self-destructive. Most calorie tracking applications only encourage this practice, while My Fitness Pal has proven to actually improve my dietary habits. I wouldn’t consider myself to be on a diet, but merely to be nutrition conscious. This app allows you to track your food habits, but provides you with a fairly in debt analysis of your nutritional intake, including nutrients consumed/needed, fat consumed/need, protein consumed/needed, and of course calories consumed/needed.

“Find iPhone” (Apple)

Everyone has experienced the frustration of misplacing their technology, and longed for a way to track down their cherished items. This well-known apple app has become a necessity in my life, as it solves this issue with ease. With the click of a button, you can use your laptop or desktop computer to pinpoint your phone’s location, as well as initiate an alarm to sound to make finding it that much easier. If only you could add your TV remote and car keys into this application.

“LT Watch” (Barum Rho)

Living on Western campus, taking the bus is super convenient when I need to get somewhere fast or travel somewhere in the surrounding London area. Still, waiting on a bus on the side of the road can be a nuisance, especially in chilly winter weather. The “LT Watch” app is amazing for identifying the exact location of your bus and will let you know the estimated time of arrival to the minute.

Happy downloading!


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