The Joys of Fanfiction


Pretty much everyone nowadays has an opinion on fanfiction. Fanfiction are stories written using the universe and characters from a book, movie, play, game, or television show. I enjoy reading them, and to a certain extent, I enjoy reading them more than actual books.


Have you ever watched a television show, and wished you could see more of the characters? Or maybe two characters you wanted to fall in love ended up with others? In fanfiction, anything is possible. You can read all sorts of different endings and stories with your favourite characters and universes.

I write fanfiction. I have for a long time. Behind science, writing is my passion. It can be very difficult to actually write a novel. I can never stay invested in my characters, as they always feel 2-D.

Writing fanfiction is easier. The characters are already there, the setting is already there, the relationships, dreams, and situations are already there for me. I can just take the characters, introduce a new situation, and see what happens. Or I can tag onto an episode or situation that I wanted to see fleshed out more. The possibilities are endless.


I’m currently writing a short piece for Agents of Shield, a television spin off from the Marvel movies. Here’s a sneak peek-

Fitz threw down the circuit board he had previously been tinkering with. “Bloody piece of crap!” Each word was punctuated with a crash as he tossed his tools across the workbench. He swore again loudly.

“Hey, Turbo, calm down, man.” Mack crossed the room to where Fitz was standing angrily. “What did this thing ever do to you?” He picked up the discarded piece of technology and examined it, one eyebrow raised in confusion.

“I’m trying to fix the… the… the overlay, but my hands are… my hands, they… they…” Fitz growled in frustration. “Damn it!”

“Woah there, seriously, Fitz, chill.” Ever since Simmons had left, Fitz had been increasingly touchy, and was often upset by his decrease in ability to do tasks he used to do with ease. “You just gotta calm down and come back to it later.” Mack ignored the look Fitz gave him. “It’s not gonna work if you get yourself all worked up like this.”

There was a moment of silence. “Shaking,” Fitz said finally. He took a deep breath. “My hands are shaking.”

“There you go.” Mack patted him on the shoulder.

“Coulson wants this fixed by… by noon, but I didn’t sleep last night, and my hands… they’re…” he trailed off again, stuttering, fists clenched tight. “Shaking,” he finally ground out.


The community of fanficition writers is fantastic. We’re all there because we want to see situations we’ve dreamed of actually play out, or, often, because we’ve fallen in love with a character and just want to see more of them.

Fanfiction draws in a ton of different kinds of viewers, with varying ranges of maturity. My 11-year-old sister writes Minecraft fanfiction, where her and her friends fight monsters and build houses. It’s pure fluff. You can also find fanfictions that are pure smut, if you’re into that.

My style is whump, which is basically where you torture your characters for the feels.

Feels gif

If you’re looking for fanfiction, check out It has anything and everything you could ever dream of.


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