Fandoms: Being Addicted during Midterms

Once school started, whenever I’d recommend a certain TV show or a book series to my friends, I’d always get the same response, “I have so much work to do, I can’t get obsessed.” It’s a good point, in fact that’s what a good student should be doing – focusing on their studies.  Every day I pray that I had that kind of self control, or just an ability to understand the concept of consequences, but I don’t and I can’t, so here I am.


Last month, I made the very unwise life decision to check out the first episode of a T.V. show called Hannibal, just out of boredom and curiosity….and it ended up with me rewatching the season two finale for the sixth time the night before I had a Math and Economics midterm.  I will admit, midterm season can be a bit of an inconvenient time to get distracted.  Crunch time has arrived and people are locking themselves up in their rooms or the library to get that last bit of studying done before Judgement Day.  Except when faced with the decision to study for this probably important midterm, or to rewatch an episode of Hannibal that I’ve probably already memorized line by line, logic and reason always loses and my Econ textbook finds a convenient use as a prop for my laptop.


You see, I have the kind of personality that makes me very, very emotionally attached to things that interest me (music, books, TV shows). Not an incredibly useful life skill.  People like me can’t just “like” something and then move on with our lives and just find another T.V show or book to entertain ourselves.  We have to raid the forums, internet stalk the actors, internet stalk the fans of the actors, read fanfiction, and honestly, it’s exhausting work that gives us no chance to actually be productive.



Don’t get me wrong, fandoms are actually great when they don’t ruin lives.  There are people who see it as a fun, side hobby and can balance it with their studies.  One girl I talked to rewards herself with Harry Potter related study breaks to incentivize herself to study.  Unfortunately, I tried that strategy, and “study breaks” turned into 5 hour Tumblr browsing sessions that may eventually deprive me of an education. So the only way I found to curb this addiction is just to stop cold turkey.  If I’m not tempted, I won’t think about it, and I can finally shift my focus to the immensely more enjoyable supply and demand graphs (yay).

So if you have a nice, healthy balanced investment in fandoms, good job!  But if you’re like me and you’re struggling to focus, don’t worry you’re not alone.  Remember fandoms can wait. Midterms can’t. It’s time to study.



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