Door Room Living

Prior to moving to London this fall, I spent hours scrolling through Pinterest boards and online articles claiming that they had the secrets to “dorm room living”. After falling victim to Bed Bath and Beyond’s lengthy packing list, and accepting every Pinterest checklist to be true, I packed up TONS of boxes with some important items, and some items that would never be touched again.

Couldn’t live without:

Brita Filter

A residence bathroom sink isn’t the most appealing source of drinking water. Even if you are more than okay with drinking from the tap, having a Brita filter allows you to keep a larger amount of water in your room for those times you are just too lazy to walk down the hallway.

Clothing drying rack

After a few pairs of shrunken jeans and a couple of ruined shirts, you will be longing for space to hang some of your clothing. You have very limited space in your room so the rack helps to dry the clothing and then can easily be put away.

Mattress topper

Your dorm room may be a temporary living situation, but 8 months of terrible sleeps can really add to your stress levels.

Mini fridge

The cafeteria is not always open, nor will you always have time to spend waiting in line and eating in the dining hall. A mini fridge is great to keep essentials like water, milk, breakfast foods, and snacks for studying.

Shower shoes

“Communal showers”. That is all.


A quick trip to your friends’ room, the bathroom, or even the cafeteria will require convenient slippers to keep your feet warm and covered.


A lot of resources for classes are becoming available online, and it is not always convenient to search out a computer lab on campus. Having the ease of printing documents in your own bedroom can save you some valuable time and peace of mind.

Items collecting dust:

Desk lamp

Western provides every room with desk lamps, so additional lamps really aren’t necessary and just take up needed space. 


Again, mirrors are provided on the back of every dorm room door, don’t be fooled by “checklist essentials”.

Extra sheets

When you wash your sheets it is likely you will put them back on in the same day, making extra sets very unnecessary. Some checklists even suggest 3 sets, which is very excessive.

 Laptop lock

We are attached to our technology, so it is very likely your laptop will be with you at all times. Whether you are going to class or to the library, it is a necessity for our studies to have our computers with us.


For prospective Western students looking to move in next fall, I hope this post is helpful in clarifying some of those questionable items mentioned online. Remember, it is always safer to see what you need once you actually arrive at school, since you will have a better idea of your set up then. You may already think that living in residence sounds fun, but I can promise you that it is an even more amazing experience than you could imagine.


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