The Gifts In Your Life.

     Everyday, each of us have so many things on our mind.  Our thoughts are constantly occupied by daily hassles; like working overtime, getting groceries, or finishing that last assignment.  But how many times in a day do we stop to think about all of the people in our lives that make such a positive impact on us.  It’s these people that mold us into who we are today.  Think about it.  How would your life change if these individuals didn’t exist?

Not only that, but more than half the time we get into arguments with others about silly little things, which jeopardize not only our own happiness, but others’ as well.  We need to strive to strengthen our relationships with others instead of tearing them down.   They’re such an important aspect of our lives, and even by human nature (thanks health class), we require these relationships and interactions to be happy.  When was the last time you called up your grandparents to have a chat?  Or treated your parents to lunch?  Sometimes we need to take a break from our fast paced lives, and use it to treasure those whom we are truly lucky to have.

Imagine who you would be without the most influential people in your life.  When you think about it; many of your best qualities have been planted and nurtured by those people.  They were the ones who supported you through every milestone in your life up to this point, which has contributed to your accomplishments and who are you are today.  Think about the last time you were upset or were faced with a problem.  Who was there for you to help you out of it?  Too much of the time we take this love shown to us for granted, and I myself am no different.

Recently I’ve been faced with a lot more responsibilities and independence, with the added expectation of shaping my academic career into not only something that will be successful, but something that I truly enjoy.  I definitely wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for the support of so many people in my life; one of which includes my boyfriend.  It’s amazing because, while being back in Brampton, he is still able to (and willing) to send me so much love that it reaches me all the way here in London.  I couldn’t be more grateful for his, as well as everyone else’s, endless support.

Now take this moment to consider all of these living and breathing gifts on your life.  They’ve shaped you, supported you, held you when you cried, laughed with you when you smiled, congratulated you when you succeeded, and loved you at your worst.  Now these are the things that make life meaningful, because without them, where would you be?

Or more importantly, who would you be?


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