The Big Bird, the Fall Trees, and the Family.

This was my second thanksgiving returning home for the holiday to spend time with family and friends. Each year in high school, I would welcome home the upper years and shower them with questions about post-secondary. I now realize after having been asked “how is school” 50 times in one day, how tedious that question is.

NOTE TO READER: avoid asking that question to any post-secondary student. You will always get the same answer.


The commute home took about 6 hours!!! I live a 3 hour drive away so I was a little unsettled about this trip’s commute. Not to mention that I was very sick on the bus ride home. Bless the girl’s heart who offered me her cough drops. [sorry if I accidently fell asleep on your shoulder – it was a really long bus ride]


Getting dropped off in downtown Toronto at the greyhound station is an experience like no other. Almost like the feeling of your flight landing in another province. That feeling of relief and excitement as you exit the flight cabin is exhilarating. I don’t know what it is, but there’s nothing quite like the big city. London, yes is a city of course, but the sky scrapers, the cultural diversity, the bustling streets, and Yonge & Dundas square  of Toronto all entwine together to deliver the best visiting experience. Even if I am only there for 20 minutes as I transfer to the subway station, it’s still worth the oogling.

Downtown-Toronto-skyscrapers-in-the-cloudstoronto cn tower

If you thought the LTC was crowded on the way to your 8 am class, I wouldn’t suggest riding the rocket at rush hour [4 pm]. It was absolutely PACKED! The Bloor and Danforth line is 1 open subway cart, therefore as long as the eye can see is an everlasting sea of crammed sardines.


As exciting as it is to be home, it is equally nice to arrive home, eat a home cooked meal, and crash in your bedroom. Netflix is a wonderful creation, but I do not have any extra time for it while at school. At home, now that is a different story. I have no shame in saying I passed through half a season of Gilmore Girls in one afternoon. I also snuck a few naps in there while I “watched” the show.

The evening consisted of me catching up with friends from back home, eating pizza in our pajamas. Oh the pleasures we deny ourselves at university.

Alas, I did not return with any leftovers. I was really looking forward to the endless supply of turkey sandwiches and soup.


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