Take a break….and read Harry Potter!

I know everyone is a midst the midterm craziness, or maybe your midterms are even over! If that’s the case then congrats! Either way, if you’re looking for a way to relax, then here’s a short story that will be sure to take your imagination on a wild journey. It’s an additional adventure to the ever famous Harry Potter series I wrote a while back and thought I would share with fellow Harry Potter fans. Enjoy!

Harry Potter and the Morrigan Banshee

The first summer after Harry attended Hogwarts was going to be a long one. As he sat on the train with Ron and Hermoine, who discussed their exciting summer plans, Harry thought about how plain and boring the next few months with the Durselys would be.

Harry hopped off the train with his few suiycases and, of course, Hedwig. The Durselys were there to pick him up, but they did not seem impressed. Aunt Petunia held her arms crossed, and her nose high in the air, while Uncle Vernon glared at Harry with his dark, heartless eyes. Dudley just sat in the back of the car eating a bag of salty crisps.

The car ride home was quiet. No one spoke a word. Harry just looked out of the window, rain pouring down, counting down the days until he would be back at Hogwarts.

Not to Harry’s surprise was he stuffed back into his cupboard under the stairs. He could have gotten that room upstairs to himself, but the Dursleys had transformed it into a home office. Harry knew it was just another excuse for him to be crammed into his cupboard.

That night, the Durselys ate supper and Harry cleaned the table off and did the dishes, just like old times. He was sent to bed early as Uncle Vernon had a terrible headache, and wanted things to be extremely quiet.

“If I hear one peep from you boy, just one peep, you’ll regret it.” Uncle Vernon stated sternly. “Now off to bed. Now!” Harry scurried off. The cupboard door locked behind him.

Harry curled up in his blankets and set his glasses up on the shelf above his head. He turned to his side, and began reflecting on this past year. He had been through a lot. Finding out he was a wizard, attending Hogwarts, not to mention living through the extenuating circumstances with the Durselys. Harry felt proud for the most part, but one thing rang through his head. He wanted to be back at Hogwarts.

Soon Harry began to doze off. Everyone else headed off to bed. Harry knew it as the dust from the stair case fell into his eyes as the Durselys walked upstairs. Harry wiped it from his eyes and tried to fall back to sleep. Not soon before Harry laid back down did he hear a soft, whispering scream. Not a loud obnoxious scream of fear, but rather more of a cry under someone’s breath.

Harry tried to forget about it, but he heard it again and again, this time a bit louder. Harry rolled over and turned on his light, grabbed his glasses and listened for the sound. Suddenly, he felt a cold wind upon him. He grabbed his blanket and wrapped it around him. Curiously, Harry tried to jiggle at the cupboard door, but no luck. It was shut tight. Yet, the sound continued to echo through the house, gaining more volume each time. Then, without warning, the entire house went dark. This made Harry jump a bit, and he began breathing a bit faster. The cupboard door began to shake, like someone was busting it open. Many thoughts came through his mind. Was it someone from Hogwarts coming to rescue him, or was it some terrifying creature lurking about? Then he pasued. This voice began calling his name.

“Haaarrryyy Pottteerrr.” it said shrilly. This gave Harry many goosebumps. He began knocking on his door even more frantically than before. The voice become louder, as if it was beside him. Harry screamed for help. He felt claustrophobic, but then the door unlocked. Harry peered out slowly, unsure of what was on the other side.

“Harry! Didn’t I tell ya to keep your yap shut? I tell ya. If it isn’t you causing trouble it’s something else.” It was Uncle Vernon in his housecoat, holding a small lantern. “Now I’m off to reset the breakers in the basement. You didn’t have anything to do with this, did you? If you’re up to your tricks again, boy…”

“No, I swear. I’m just as shocked as you,” Harry murmured.

“Alright, well, come and give me a hand.” They walked down to the basement with flashlights in hand. The basement was no fun place to be. The stairs creaked, the cobwebs hung low, and a cold air filled the room. Uncle Vernon made his way over to the breakers. He flipped them back on, but nothing happened. He hit the box in frustration, but that only made things worse. The breaker box began to smoke and soon sparks were everywhere.

Through all of this Harry was still listening to the voice calling him. Uncle Vernon seemed to pay no attention to it like he couldn’t hear it. Only Harry heard its voice. It was calling him over to the furnace. Closer and closer Harry crept one step at a time, breathing slowly, eyes blinking and fingers trembling. Then he felt it touch him on the shoulder. He jerked around. Nothing but empty space. He caught his breath and pulled himself together once more. He bent down under the furnace and took a peak. Again, nothing. He got up, wiped off his pants and looked to see Uncle Vernon floating in the air trembling. Harry was flabbergasted! He ran over to see a white ghostly figure wearing a black cape covered in what seemed to be raven feathers. It was holding Uncle Vernon up by his coat collar. The ghost, who looked more like an hold hag than a ghost really, then let out a wild screech. This one more powerful and high pitched than the others before it. Uncle Vernon was then dropped to the ground whimpering, stammering and trying to get up frantically. He then took off like a rocket.

“RUUUNNN!! Run Harry!” he cried as he fled from the basement, but Harry just sat there in shock. The ghost had then caught Harry’s eye, showing somewhat of a smirk. The ghost came closer and closer to Harry until she could see eye to eye with him. Harry swallowed slowly.

“I-I-I’m Harry Potter. N-n-nice to meet you.” he said as he extended his hand out to the ghost, who only responded with another wicked scream. Harry couldn’t move. Not at all. Spells, potions, escape tricks, but nothing. Then, Harry remembered something from his Wizard Mythology class. They had learned about the phantom queen who wore a dark black cape of raven feathers, and was the goddess of battle, war and sovereignty. Yes, yes he remembered. It was a morrigan banshee. How could he be so blind? Still something was unclear. The legend said that she only arrived when death was near, but this didn’t make any sense. No one in this house was dying…or were they? This fave Harry a bad feeling.

“What do you want from us? Leave us alone. There’s nothing here for you!” Harry said firmly.

“But I want you, Mr. Potter. I’ve been waiting for you.” The banshee had become rather soft spoken through the rest of the situation, not letting out any more screams, but it was still nerving for Harry to hear those words.

“Well I’m not going anywhere! You can’t make me!” and then Harry had remembered one more thing from Hogwarts; a spell. They had taught them some incantation s to rid them of any evil spirits: ghosts, demons, warlocks and banshees. Harry closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said the spell. Partis malium.

The banshee began to shake. She let out one last scream, and then vanished into thin air. Harry looked around to make sure she was gone. Harry sat down on the stairs and placed his head into his hands. He couldn’t believe that he had just done that all by himself with no help, but he also remembered he was forbidden to do any magic outside of Hogwarts.

He walked up the stairs to find Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley all siting on the couch quivering and shaking. Uncle Vernon stood up, looking rather disgusted.

“I knew you were up to no good. Look at what you’ve done. Bringing all sorts of evil creature into our home! You could have gotten us all killed!”

Just then Aunt Petunia began to coddle Dudley even more. Harry rolled his eyes. He couldn’t believe how big of a baby Dudley really was.

“For your information,” Harry went on, “I just saved you all from the morrigan banshee, and you should be rather grateful!”

“Grateful?” Aunt Petunia protested, “We should be reporting you to the Hogwarts Ministry!”

Harry wondered how they knew. He hadn’t told them.

“Oh yes, we know Harry. We know all about the rules,” Aunt Petunia said. “My sister was always up to no good throughout the summer. I had to report her several times, and don’t think I won’t do the same thing to you.”

“Whatever.” Harry said underneath his breath.

“That’s enough boy. Get back to your cupboard, and this time don’t even think about pulling anymore stunts,: Uncle Vernon snapped.

Just then, the front door flung open and a tall dark figure appeared.

“That wun’t be necessary. The boy will be comin’ with me.” It was Hagrid to the rescue! Harry’s eyes beamed with joy as he ran over and hugged his friend. “Harry has important business to attend to at Hogwarts, and wont be burdening you any longer. Now come on, Harry. Let’s get out of here.” The Dursleys were speechless, showing no emotion.

Then Hagrid leaned over to Harry, “Now, why dun’t yeh give yer cousin Dudley what he’s been waitin’ fer all summer.” And sure enough Harry took out his wand, flicked his wrist and gave Dudley the matching pig snout he had long been waiting for. Aunt Petunia threw a tantrum and Uncle Vernon wasn’t impressed either, but it was too late. Harry and Hagrid were long gone. Harry held his head up high, feeling proud of what he had just accomplished, but still wanted to know why the banshee had wanted him.

“Hagrid, what on earth would the morrigan want with me?” Harry inquired.

‘Well, yeh have deated You-Know-Who twice now, so she probably wanted yeh teh help ‘er defeat some demons o’her own yeh know.” Hagrid patted Harry on the back, he too feeling proud of the things Harry had done. Harry smile up at Hagrid, and the two walked on wards towards Hogwarts, and for once, Harry was ready to take on the world.


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