Why Winx Club = Life

It’s that time of year again when the rain is actually the tears of scholars and the leaves are as red as the eyes of sleep-deprived scholars everywhere. For many people, long days at the library are followed by crashes onto bed. But for the rash and unwise, going home means Netflix. And at 2 AM last night, Netflix = Winx Club. It was at this point, while I was reflecting on the meaning of life while Stella and Bloom battled Darkar and his trolls, that I stumbled on a revelation that overshadowed Einstein’s theory of relativity: everything that we need to know about school can be found in The Winx Club.

I know you’re thinking why I haven’t sent this discovery to the Nobel Committee to be reviewed for an award. But I don’t do this for the fame, I do it for all the students who need a break from studying and could use a laugh.

  • Believe in yourself to unlock the magic inside of you.Bloom Transformation
    • This theme song was the best motivational speech I’d ever heard at the age of 11 and today, it still trumps Shia Labeouf’s “Just Do It”. Only by 0.5 though. It’s completely true that the support of others is what encourages you and helps any challenge easy to persevere through. But if you don’t first believe in your own potential, your dreams and goals will never be realized because you will never admit that you want them enough. It could be a goal as simple as getting through chapter 4 of your cognitive psych book or as complex as starting up a company. But it all starts with YOU.
  • Teachers actually care if you’re dead or alive.
    • In the world of Winx, this status of your mortality is a bit too literal. Although your teachers wouldn’t stumble out of bed if you telepathically told them you need help fighting dragons who are bent on killing you, Profs and TA’s are so invested in your success, it’s kind of ridiculous. Although I talked to mainly my TA’s my first year, dropping in on ecstatic Profs during office hours who are more than willing to talk or offer assistance and popping them emails that they immediately respond to just goes to show how they prioritize their students.
  • Mean Witch DefeatedThe mean girls are always secretly good. Or just irrelevant by Season 3.
    • Humans are social creatures who need interactions and relationships like the ocean needs water. In school, where we spend 99.2% of our lives, we’re bound to meet those people who go about getting these relationships and acceptance in a negative way, especially by using exclusion to include themselves. Sometimes, the horrendous mask is hiding a fragile, insecure person and our recognition of this can help us bring out this side in the person. If not, sharpen your scissors and cut them free from the story of your life where they’ll just be bitter spectators of your success.
  • Real friends come back for you. Always.
    • In university, your friends on Facebook will likely quadruple as you run around meeting and connecting with people. You will exchange friendship bracelets and vow to be each other’s bridesmaids in 10 years. But we are all magnets: at some point, something will pull people apart, be it school, or distance, or life in general. Real friends are those who gravitate to each other again and when they do, it’s like no time has passed. They don’t need to be in constant contact with you or be your best friend on Snapchat, but if you text them “CODE RED” at 4 am, they will drop everything and come back for you. Always.Real Friends

So no, mom, Netflix is not a wicked temptation, but a beautiful source of creativity that allows me to expand my intellectual border. As you study for midterms, remember to take care of yourself. Take breaks if necessary, don’t procrastinate, and may the odds be ever in your favour.


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