If you’ve been on social media at all this past week then i’m sure you’re no stranger to the phenomenal Jays win this past Wednesday.

Millions of Canadians gathered around the TV to watch game 5 of the ALDS series game between Texas and Toronto. A game which will be remembered in history for many years to come.

Whether you’ve hoped on this bandwagon or you’ve been waiting for this day for 22 years, the Jays appreciate all the support they can get.

Things were looking grim in the 6th inning when Texas dominated 2-1. The umpire’s were not calling in Toronto’s favour [as per usual]. Children were getting attacked by angry jays fans beer bottles.

If you don’t know where this iconic gif is from, you may want to google Joey’s bat. This bat flip is the home run that won us the game.


The 7th inning was the game changer! With players on the 1st and 3rd base, and José’s home run, Jays led the game 6-3. There was no point of return.

To the player who fell in this gif at the conclusion of this game – we understand you couldn’t contain your excitement either.


I was giving a play by play video montage of the action in the spoke where I stayed an entire 4 and a half hours to watch this entire games.

Chants upon chants were being sung in the spoke [some of which I cannot repeat].

Mustangs were alive and well that day – felt as if I were actually at the Rogers Centre. I can’t imagine what Yonge and Dundas looked like that day.

This day will forever be remembered in sports history. We’ve already made a Canadian Heritage moment from José’s bat flip.


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