8 Singer/Songwriter Albums That Will Change Your Life This Fall


Looking for some bold, underground tunes to spice up your life this fall? Well, look no further! These eight albums by international acclaimed singer/songwriters are sure to enrich your quintessential university experience and provide an ideal soundtrack to your new school year.

  1. Didn’t He Ramble – Glen Hansard

“There’ll be no more running around for me/No morebacking down” – Grace Beneath the Pines

This brand new album from Irish legend Glen Hansard combines stark honesty with incredible poetic lyricism. At 45 years of age, this Academy Award winner proves to be unstoppable with his beautiful and melancholy folksy sound.

  1. 1989 – Ryan Adams

“These hands had to let it go free, and this love cameback to me.” – This Love

Ryan Adams’s acclaimed cover album of Taylor Swift’s “1989” is both intrepid and hypnotic. His incredible rawness is such an asset to these billboard chart-toppers; 1989 reimagined defies musical standards and highlights Swift’s pure brilliance as a songwriter. This is not to be missed!

  1. The Animal Years – Josh Ritter

“Pretend the dove from above is a dragon, and your feet are on fire.” – Girl in the War

Josh Ritter’s country-rooted original tunes are beautifully constructed; this songwriter and guitarist had sparked an incredible emergence in the music industry with The Animal Years. Similar suggestions include Damien Jurardo’s Caught in the Trees and Dawes’s Nothing Is Wrong for all die-hard folk/country music lovers out there.

  1. Nostalgia – Annie Lennox

“Toeveryword of love I heard you whisper, the raindrops seem to play our sweet refrain.” – September in the Rain

There are no words to describe this hauntingly chilling compilation from rock legend Annie Lennox. These stunning cover tracks truly speak (or sing!) for themselves.

  1. O – Damien Rice

“Taxied out of a storm to watch you perform – and my ships were sailing.” – I Remember

As an avid singer/songwriter enthusiast, I personally find every album of Damien Rice’s pure, sincere enchantment. This is a favourite of mine; every track speaks to the brave ingenuity behind the human experience. “O” is a work of art and Rice a fearless and genuine artist.

  1. When ThePawn… Fiona Apple

“I’ve acquired quite a taste for a well-made mistake.” – A Mistake

Fiona Apple is soulful, feisty, and indescribably perfect in this 1999 solo album. This blast from the past will bring nothing but sass (and the occasional tear) into your heart.

  1. Morning Phase – Beck

“Your eyes get stung by the rays of the sinking sun.” – Heart is a Drum

Beck’s Grammy-winning album is nothing short of heartwarming. This inspiring, technologically-infused differs from anything he has ever produced and was absolutely groundbreaking for his musical career. I encourage everyone to listen to Morning Phase at one point or another.

  1. Dirty Cheat – Laura Cole

“You’re a cold blooded lover/You’ve got a radical eye/This is the funeral party/For you and I.” – Death Row

Last but not least, Laura Cole’s Dirty Cheat is a beautifully crafted, angsty, soulful, feminist-empowered record that will blow every last inch of your mind. This Hamilton, Ontario native is absolutely unstoppable. Her Amy Winehouse-esque sound is sure to have you singing along in the shower, car, or any other appropriate (or inappropriate) location for months.


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