The morning before the deadline


The wail of my alarm clock pierced the morning quiet; groaning, I slowly sat up. Last strands of a fraying, half-remembered dream was still clinging to my mind like old cobwebs, I can vaguely remember it was about something urgent that I forgot to do… so it was more of a nightmare then. But like all half-remembered dreams, by the time I tried to pin down just what it was that was so urgent, there was nothing left in my mind but a vague sense of unease.

Wobbling unsteadily onto my feet, I slowly shuffled to the alarm clock. However, as I stood there dumbly staring at the red digital display of 6:00AM, confusion bloomed in my mind: Why did I set the alarm so early last night? Something in the back my mind was frantically trying to jolt me into remembering something, however, like a stubborn car on a wintry morning, the gears of my mind refused to turn. It was supposed to be something important, right? But my contemplation didn’t last long, as all my thoughts were quickly smothered in a wave of annoyance as the alarm noise was giving me a quite headache. Now comes the decision. Should I snooze it? But before I had time to gather my willpower to take a last stand against my exhaustion, my traitorous fingers, through many nights of reflex training, found the snooze button in the darkness.

The alarm was quickly silenced, and my eyes closed on their own accord. I felt my body relax in the blissful silence, and I collapsed back onto the bed. Exhaustion overcame me in a dark tide, and the pieces of thoughts and perceptions that made up my consciousness slowly dissolved away… I tried to cling to the last pieces of my consciousness with every ounce of desperation I can summon, but it was of no use… it was like trying to hold the sand, the tighter I clung, the faster the grains of my memories and sense of urgency slipped away. At one point I just kept desperately reminding myself again and again that I must not forget… but just what was it that I was supposed to not forget?

Dawn was coming. In the silent room I slept on, completely unaware of the impending crisis that was about to unfold. It would come and catch me completely flat-footed with dismay, it was the reason why my mind was so jumpy in the morning… it was the 10% assignment with a deadline at noon.


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