Staying Healthy this Flu Season

flu season P2Now that midterm season is in full swing—so is flu season. Unfortunate timing, right? If only we could visit our academic counsellor to explain this conflicting event.

Since moving into my cozy dorm room on campus this September, I have been struck with the common cold numerous times already. Not only do the symptoms make you feel absolutely terrible, but they can truly stunt your every day routine. How are we supposed to study the complexity of philosophy or the meticulousness of computer science with this pounding feeling in our heads?

Sadly, you may end up filling your garbage can with every tissue that you reluctantly packed during flu season. Still, there are many ways to avoid getting sick this fall. Western is offering on-campus flu shot clinics for vaccination against the common illnesses that may slow you down this term. You can visit Student Health Services on the bottom floor of UCC to book your appointment, and hopefully give your body everything it needs to avoid any colds.

If you are not comfortable with receiving vaccinations, don’t fret. They aren’t the only way of preventing sickness, and preventative methods can be very simple. Be sure to consume tons of vitamin C as well as zinc, as they will work well to keep your immune system at its maximum fighting power. Also, remember to always follow basic preventive methods such as frequent hand washing, avoiding close contact with those who have the flu, and getting plenty of sleep. If you find yourself down with a bug, try to prevent the spread of these germs around campus by taking time to rest, covering your coughs, and still ensuring proper hand washing.

I hope we are all able to stay healthy over the next few months, and put all of our efforts into studying and experiencing what our beautiful campus has to offer! But just in case, ‘bless you’ and ‘gesundheit’, Mustangs!


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