Be Patient. Things Get Better.

Sometimes we need to stop and look at our lives for a second.  Ask yourself; Where am I now?  What does my future hold?  Am I on the right track?  These are questions that we can only answer for ourselves, yet there is no real way to do this.  How are we possibly supposed to know what will happen tomorrow?  Next month?  Or next year?  We’re definitely not all psychics.

The point is, we need to be prepared for anything.  We may think that we have all of our lives planned out one moment, but in the next that plan might shatter in front of our eyes, leaving us feeling lost and unsure.  The way that we deal with these changes is really what makes or breaks our happiness – because ultimately, our lives will always change.  It’s truly unavoidable.

For instance, when I look back onto how I imaged my university life going, I now realize that it’s not quite what I thought it would be; there’s homework that always needs to get done, marks are much harder to maintain than they were in high school, and surprisingly, laundry DOES NOT do itself.  Even more specifically, I never imagined myself sitting at a desk expressing my thoughts on a blog like Purpology.  But honestly, I couldn’t be happier with how THIS change in my life turned out to be.

So even though we need to be prepared for when our plans shatter, sometimes this rearrangement will be for the better.  Even if something doesn’t seem outwardly positive at first, stay patient, because you never know how it will unfold.  Sometimes things that are not meant for us need to be taken away in order for bigger things to fill its place.  So if at any time you feel lost and confused, like the world is against you, and you’ve lost your direction in life; just remember, what was lost, was not meant for you, but what will come will be even better.  I promise.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you’ll come visit again.  There are tons more blog posts just waiting to spark your creative juices!  Have a good day, and remember: work hard, and play on!


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