Step onto the edge

People are afraid of change, because change means the edge.

The edge is anywhere outside our comfort zones; we never know what is going to come because everything is new. However, this unfathomable,uncomfortable edge is what sharpens our intellect and senses. Sure, the edge is uncomfortable. Once outside of our comfort zones, we are no longer under the protection of the safety of the middle ground. On the edge there is no disguise; we never know what everyone else is going to think. To survive on the edge, we must stay on our feet, keep our mind open for new possibilities, and spur our intellects on to challenge our limits. Thus, the edge forces us to learn the vital skills of dealing with the unknown.

The edge is the frontier where the mind clashes with the unknown to produce sparks of inspiration and innovation. Throughout the history, many developments have been found while we are exploring the outermost limit of our knowledge-the edge. That is why there is “cutting edge technology”. The edge is where new discoveries and knowledge awaits; it is the trailhead to the road on where we never dared or imagined to tread, where individuals are toiling to hack a path through the unknown and expand the boundary of advancement. The edge is the place so far from the comfort zone that no one dared to go; and because so, it is where new laws can be laid and new orders set.

The edge holds key to the growth of a person and the promise of the future, so take a risk, take a dare, take a chance, and step on to that edge.


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