Mid-Term Preparation: Ten Study Tips

It’s that time of year again: mid-term time!!! Here are some study tips that I have found useful when preparing for mid-terms!

  1. Give yourself enough time to study – Cramming for most of us is not the best way to approach an exam. Write down how many and when you have exams, and then decide which ones require more study time than other.
  2. Organize your study space – Ask yourself: do you have enough light? Is your char comfortable? Try to get rid of all distractions, and make sure you feel as comfortable and able to focus as possible.
  3. Use flow charts & diagrams – Visual aids can be really helpful when revising. Closer to the exam, try to condense your notes into one-page diagram, helping you to recall everything you need to know during the exam.
  4. Practice on old exams – Practicing on old exams helps you to get used to the format of the questions and be good practice to ensure that you are spending the right amount of time on each section.
  5. Explain your answers to others – Explaining concepts to your friends who have to write the same exam can help you get the material clear in your head & highlight any areas where you might need work.
  6. Organize study groups – There is a very high chance that there is at least one person on the floor who is in the same course as you. Get together for a study session as this is one of the most effective ways to challenge yourself.
  7. Take regular breaks – Studies have shown that for long-term retention of material, taking regular breaks really helps. Develop a study routine that works for you & try not to feel guilty about being out enjoying the sunshine. VITAMIN D IS IMORTANT FOR A HEALTHY BRAIN!
  8. Snack on “brain food” – Keep your body and brain well-fuelled by choosing nutritious foods that have been proven to aid concentration and memory, such as fish, nuts, seeds, and yogurt. The same applies on exam day!
  9. Plan your exam day – Make sure you get everything ready well in advance of the exam. This includes knowing the date, the time, and the location of your exam. Know the route to your exam location and what you need to bring to an exam.
  10. Drink plenty of water – Being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout your study time and also on the exam day!



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