Are you a first year student here at Western or currently in your second? How many of you know about the LAMP program offered to both first and second year main campus students? Well, it’s true! If you are a first year student then you already have a LAMP peer mentor. You know, those guys who send you those annoying weekly emails? Annnnnd if you’re in second year, you have the chance to get involved in the LAMP 2.0 program: mentors for second year students, because we all know second year is just as daunting as first year was. Let me tell you a little bit about LAMP. (Really this is my attempt at a shameless plug) It stands for Leadership and Academic Mentoring Program, so it’s basically an academic resource available at your fingertips. We also provide lots of leadership opportunities, in particular the first year LAMP committee.

Check us out!!

So now you’re thinking, so what? Why are you telling me about this? Quite simply, I want you to know about the resources that are available here to you at campus. You are never alone.

Here’s the best part… You don’t get a certificate at the end of your four years saying you completed university all by yourself with no help whatsoever. Employers aren’t going to look at you differently. In all honest, they probably won’t even care.

It’s not a sign of weakness to reach out to mentors and other support services! In fact, I think it takes more strength to go out and meet the people willing to help you, because we all know how easy it is to ignore that weekly email. I’m guilty of it myself. What this shows is that you’re willing to go that extra mile to ensure you are getting the best student experience possible.

I think that’s what we get caught up in. We have to try everything all by ourselves, or people will think we aren’t good enough; that we’re not cut out for university. This is crazy! I can’t say I know a single person who knew exactly what to expect upon entering first year. That they had all of the resources they needed to succeed for the next four years. I think that’s impossible. If people told you they made it through university all by themselves, they’re probably lying. Chances are, they had some support whether it be academic, social, financial or all of the above.

So I’ll leave you with that. Everyone will find a comfort level with different individuals and resources, so it’s about you finding what and who suits your needs the best. Maybe it’s a soph, your peer mentor, or maybe it’s even simpler than that like your best friend or your mom. This week, go out and discover all of the wonderful tools available to you and pick and choose your favourites. Then I can guarantee that these next few years will be nothing but smooth sailing.


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