The Delay of Gratification


Another year starts, and here we are expected to juggle academics with sleep and social life. The title of this blog post might seem weird you might ask. Well, here’s how it fits into it. There will be two general categories of people in university. Those who persist on doing their work and those who end up getting distracted and giving in to the temptation mistress that we call procrastination. Or going out. Especially this weekend, HOCO is sure to lure a lot of students already fallen behind. But I tell you this: it is the ones that resist who will prosper. It is the ones that will delay gratification who will end up getting ahead. Be one of those people. Know when to say “no” to an event. Prioritize. Your future self will thank you for it.

Now you may ask yourself  “where is all this coming from?” or even chuckle “why should I believe a word that’s coming out of this guy’s keyboard?”. Good point. You don’t have to. But if you type in yourself the two words “delay gratification” into your browser, you’ll see a bunch of scientific articles talking about how those who delay immediate “fun” to achieve a higher reward later on are PROVEN to become more successful later in life. It was also proven that this trait is determined early in life with the infamous “marshmallow test”. Children were given an option to eat a marshmallow directly in front of them or, wait for some time and get two instead. Those who waited actually became more successful later on. But this doesn’t mean that if you were the kid to eat the marshmallow without waiting then you’re doomed to forever thinking about the short term. You can change this trait and turn time to your advantage. You just need some discipline.

Now, why am I telling you all of this? Perhaps I was the kid who used to directly eat the marshmallow. Perhaps I secretly love you and care about your future or, perhaps I’m writing this article in the hopes of feeling better about my decision to study this weekend instead of going to HOCO.

Either way, enjoy your weekend.


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