Are you a first year student here at Western or currently in your second? How many of you know about the LAMP program offered to both first and second year main campus students? Well, it's true! If you are a first year student then you already have a LAMP peer mentor. You know, those guys... Continue Reading →


Having lived and studied at Western now for three years, I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight about some of the stereotypes people have about Western, its students, and university in general. THE GOOD: The “Wealthy Westerners” It is generally thought that Western has the wealthiest student body in Ontario.... Continue Reading →

The Delay of Gratification

Another year starts, and here we are expected to juggle academics with sleep and social life. The title of this blog post might seem weird you might ask. Well, here's how it fits into it. There will be two general categories of people in university. Those who persist on doing their work and those who end... Continue Reading →

University Bucket List

So here we are. Another year at university for some, and the first of many for others. Whether you're the unsure first year, or the "experienced" upper year student, I'm sure we all have a list of things we would like to accomplish this year. There are the generic ones like getting good grades and... Continue Reading →

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