The Roast of the Century


Last week, teen pop sensation Justin Bieber finally came of age. Despite his young age, Bieber has gotten himself into some very messy, and at times, illegal situations. The final blow came a few months ago, when Bieber was arrested and jailed, but not really to everyone’s surprise. The 21-one-year-old has struggled with fame and privilege since he was 12. To make up for it, and to rebuild a new image for himself, Bieber agreed to come on to Comedy Central’s Annual Roast. The “Roast”, as most refer to it, is basically an hour and half of sheer ridicule and insults from a panel of “Roasters” that the person being roasted has to go through. The sensor is very lenient and everything is up to be attacked. Bieber, while the youngest of the lot, is not the first to be roasted. Other notable “Roastees” include Charlie Sheen, Joan Rivers, and James Franco. All in all, the Roast is a night of uncensored comedy at the expense of the roastee. The jokes are racist, sexist, and every other kind of “- ist” you can think of but hey, at least they’re not about you right?!


I’ve always had mixed feelings about the Roast. Some of the jokes that are made, while humorous, are simply cruel and I know that if someone were to tell Justin Bieber that his girlfriend was now dating “real men”, they’d probably go home with a broken nose. And I’m not really a fan of Justin Bieber either. So why was I so excited for this particular Roast? Bieber, while not an accurate representation of our generation or our citizens, is still a Canadian of our generation. We saw him go from an innocent, sweet 12-year old to an arrogant spoiled brat, and it’s saddening. While he has reached great heights of success, there are aspects of life that he seemed to be failing at, such as mutual respect and obedience of the law. After his arrest, I’d given up all hope of him ever recovering from the new low that he’d reached. However, over the next few months, he really seems to be trying to change his image.


The jokes, while meant to be humourous and not taken to heart, can get quite cruel.

Whether it’s for the publicity or coming from the goodness of his heart, I really hope that he can clean up the massive mess that he’s made of his life. To me and to many viewers, the Roast was a way for him to face the harsh truth of his past deeds and to come clean. After watching, I personally believe that he did a great job. It takes a great deal of strength and self-control to be able to sit in the roastee’s chair and listen to a bunch of people poke fun at every aspect of your life, from your mother and ex-girlfriend to your career. If anything, I do respect him for putting up with that because I don’t think I would ever have the strength to be able to do what he did. Bieber finished the night off by returning the favour to his roasters and throwing a few jokes their way and then finally coming to an emotional apology at the end. While the skeptic in me didn’t buy into much of it, I did feel a flicker of hope for him. If Justin Bieber could turn his life around with the million-th chance that we’ve now given him, then there is hope for everyone else looking for a second chance too.


While we may not like it, the idea and person that is Justin Bieber plays a large part in defining our generation. After this Roast of 2015, I have the hope that it won’t be a total mistake on both of our parts. But my mixed opinions are mine alone! What did you think of the Roast? Comment below!

Still feeling the feels,


2 thoughts on “The Roast of the Century

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  1. The jokes needed to be much more cruel…
    Also, he looked so horrible in the tux with his hair slicked back. Why, bieber, why?

    1. I wished they’d spent more time roasting him and not addressing the other roasters. As for the hair, I agree! That with the shadow of the mustache made him look like he was still 16…not quite the best coming-of-age costume.


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