Throwin’ It Back


My past Saturday night consisted of Med Syd formal, which was an amazing event. The night took place at the Great Hall, which was decorated lovely. Instead of typical chicken or meat, there was spicy thai chicken! We had our choice of chocolate or vanilla cake. There was a photo booth with the funniest props to capture our cute friendships. With a formal comes formal awards; the funniest guy on my floor won “funniest resident”, the floor above mine won “best floor”, some amazing sophs and RAs were recognized for being outstanding leaders, and residents that have made a difference to our community were awarded as well. Then finally… the moment we’ve all been waiting for… DANCING!

I was anticipating some of the popular songs of the year (maybe Sugar, Thinking Out Loud, FourFiveSeconds, Blank Space, Lips are Movin, etc.?).

But to my surprise, none of the above were played, and most of the songs were oldies! It felt like I was at a grade-school dance, but these memories from the past actually made it one of the best dances I’ve ever been to!

Here’s some of my fave throwback songs that I remember were played:

-Boom Boom Boom Boom

-All Star

-S Club Party

-Rock Your Body

-I think there might’ve even been an old Lady Gaga song and there was an old Sean Paul song too!

Some of these songs are even before our time! There’s just something about these old throwback songs that make it even more fun to dance to.

I’m not one to complain about the change in music over the generations, but I can definitely say that the music from a decade or two ago is still enjoyed by our generation, sometimes over the popular songs of today.

Since it’s (almost) Throwback Thursday, if you still have any fave oldie songs or albums, comment below! 🙂


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