Big Hero 6 Movie Review


By now you’ve probably heard or seen Big Hero 6, a charming animated movie inspired by Marvel™. It’s an interesting movie with wacky, comical characters and a compelling story. While many love the movie, there were some aspects that I personally did not enjoy as much. Here is my opinion of Big Hero 6 in the form of an informal movie review.


Big Hero 6 revolves around the protagonist and genius prodigy, Hiro Hamada. Hiro lived a normal, happy life until a suspicious arson involving his brother happened. He must then uncover the mystery behind the accident. Hiro is accompanied by Baymax, an inflatable robot left behind by his brother. Together, these two embark on a journey, developing friendships and growing up along the way.


Plot: 7/10

The plot of Big Hero 6 is definitely amusing, however it seems to be a recycled old story from previous Disney movies. This lead to a few problems such as suspense falling short in some scenes because it was too predictable. The way the story unfolded made me draw parallels to other movies, especially the scene where Hiro builds and tests power suits because it seemed too similar to the kart construction and driving scene from Wreck-It Ralph. Also, like Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6 made a couple of round-about by repeating the same lines in differently contexts. This is a type of movie technique that connects the ending of the movie to the beginning. However, again, the presentation of this technique was too similar to other movies. Other than the recycled movie presentation and techniques, the story was still enjoyable.

Script: 6.7/10

The script in Big Hero 6 is nothing new. The movie made a good round about to earlier scenes, which made the ending a huge tear-jerker. This technique, however, was used several times excessively throughout the movie. The technique itself is extremely successful in evoking an emotional response from the audience, but it happened frequently which made drawing parallels between characters and reflecting upon the growth and development of the protagonist ham-fisted. Despite the cliché script, there were a few times that the movie’s script shone. In one scene a female character, Gogo, says: “woman up.” Usually the saying goes “man up,” but change in diction breaks the gender stereotype and adds more life to the character.


Characters: 8.7/10

The characters in this movie are best described as unique, quirky, and lovable. Each character has an interesting designs that matches their personality. That said, that doesn’t necessarily mean they fell into cliché stereotypes. For example, Gogo is tough and brave woman. She is the opposite of girly and wimpy because she jumps into the action, is eager to fight, and takes control in times of havoc. Gogo represents a powerful female figure who shows leadership, breaking the damsel in distress stereotype. On the other hand, Wasabi is a big guy, who, despite his looks, is shy, wary and nervous. These qualities are shown when he questions the other characters’ actions and motives and is reluctant to fight. Again, this breaks the gender and racial stereotype, making him even more unique.


Setting: 9/10

Big Hero 6 takes place in San Fransokyo. As the name implies the city is a fascinating hybrid of Tokyo and San Francisco. This city blends the interesting traditional and modern pop culture of America and Japan. The setting also mixes futuristic technology with modern day life. This is shown through the advanced science and the jumble of traditional cultural structures and metropolis buildings in the city. Despite this, the producers are not afraid to bring dark aspects of reality to the fantasy city. In San Fransokyo there are are slums, sketchy warehouses, and an overcrowded downtown in the midst of middle income houses, a rich mansion and huge business corporations. Rather than ruining the perfect city, these dark areas exist making the city more realistic. This also helps contrast the diff aspects of the town, which reflects upon the different moods throughout the movie.


Cinematics: 8/10

This movie is simply full of beautiful effects. Some of the colouration and lighting in some scenes really match the mood. The angles and transitions were artistic while the backgrounds screamed creativity.


Sound: 7.9/10

There isn’t much to say about the sound in Big Hero 6: the soundtrack was catchy and was an interesting blend of different genres, but nothing too memorable.


Final score: 7.9/10

Overall I liked the movie. “Like” seems like such a dull descriptive word, but in truth it’s because the story was okay. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the characters more than anything. I mean, who wouldn’t adore a cute, huggable robot like Baymax?


Big-Hero-6-Wallpaper-big-hero-6-37679026-1280-720giphy (1)


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