Get Your Sleep!


It’s the final stretch…

Push through, don’t slack or waste time, finish that essay, study those notes, give it your all… but get a lot of sleep while you’re at it.

Western put posters about sleeping habits up on residence walls, and even though you might’ve heard some of these facts before (shout out to science or psych kids!?), it’s good to get these tips refreshed in your mind. So here’s my summed-up version:

What are the benefits of sleeping?

1) organizes and strengthens your memory (and shall I mention that we’re in university!?)

2) increases creativity (shout out to all the arts kids!)

3) gives you energy (gym-goers!?)

4) improves overall health (we all want that, eh?)

But I have such trouble sleeping!! How do I get a good sleep?

-keep your room lower than 22º C overnight (light PJ’s can help too!)

-stop using your phone/laptop an hour before going to bed (it’ll decrease the melatonin hormone needed for sleep!)

-don’t drink coffee too late! -caffeine can last for 10-12 hrs (that goes for chocolate and tea too – my favourites)

When should I sleep?

-11 pm is ideal 

-first begin calm activities around 10 pm (take it easy!)

-do relaxing things until you can sleep: read, stretch, listen to soothing music

-get enough hours of sleep every night (8-9 hrs), sleeping more on the weekend won’t make up for lack of sleep during the week (all-nighters are never a good idea)

Fun Fact: Bed + School?

Your brain associates being in bed with sleeping, so your brain will start the sleeping process if you’re doing anything on your bed… so don’t study on your bed!

Comment with any other fun facts that you’ve heard about sleeping!


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