You Were Born to Lead!

Everyday leaders: we all know at least one, and maybe you are one yourself! The definition of a good leader doesn’t just apply to leaders we see in the news or throughout world history. There are leaders who influence our lives on a daily basis, and sometimes we are a leader without even realizing it.

This TED Talk by Drew Dudley sums leadership up perfectly.

So how can we all be everyday leaders here at Western, or make a difference that we can remember? I bet many of you out there are always looking for new leadership opportunities. I know I am! As a first year student approaching the end, I know how hard it was at the start of the year to try and get involved. I was a bit hesitant and shy, and in all honesty had no idea where to even start looking. Then I came across something called LEP: Leadership Education Program. It immediately peaked my interest, so I decided to see what it was all about.

So I went online to the LEP website through the Student Success Centre, and learned more about it. Here’s how it works:


There are 3 tiers of leadership: Individual (Tier 1), Group (Tier 2) and Community (Tier 3). In the first 2 tiers there are 7 workshops you can attend. They run for roughly two hours, but the time really does fly by! Once you’ve completed the first two tiers, you are eligible to do tier 3 which is a community based leadership project of your own. This is where you get to exercise your own leadership abilities in a community environment of your choice. The best part of these workshops is that it is absolutely free to any Western undergraduate students, and by completing at least 5 of the workshops in one of the tiers you will receive a certificate of academic engagement for you co-curricular record and resume! I was surprised to learn that not many first year students, or even upper year students know about these workshops! Hence this blog post. 😉 This program is extremely beneficial to anyone looking to strengthen their individual, group or community leadership abilities and I strongly recommend it! It is very diverse and offers unique and essential skills for any one in varying backgrounds of leadership positions. For me, LEP is building and enhancing my leadership foundation. It has given me important things to consider about myself and others, as well as effective ways to solve conflicts and communicate ideas. It’s also just a great way to meet fellow Mustangs! I have met so many energetic and enthusiastic individuals like myself, who are also looking for new ways to get involved and make new friends. Maybe you’re not looking for a specific leadership opportunity and you just want to get involved on campus. Or maybe you want to make yourself the best leader you can be.

Either way, there is an LEP workshop that will peak your interest. I urge you all to try at least one during your time here at Western. You won’t regret it 🙂 Below is the link to find out more and register for LEP workshops. I know this school year is coming to an end, so keep this opportunity in mind for next year!


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