Post-Western Worships Withdrawl

It’s been over 2 months since Western Worships made its grand debut here on campus, yet it still remains one of my favourite events here at Western.

The night consisted of an evening full of praise and worship in the Mustang Lounge full of 700+ members on the community. The USC informed us that we needed at least 200 attendees in order for the event to be considered a success and run again in the future, so we were hopeful and set up 400 chairs just in case. We were blown away with the results! I guess it was just another indication that God always provides.

_MG_8303 crowd

I invited ALL my Western friends on Facebook and a hand few of us journeyed together to the Mustang Lounge after we all ate dinner.

We arrived 15 minutes early, hopeful to get a good seat and beyond belief, almost ALL the seats were occupied! People were gathered in the balcony, and crowded by the entrance!

I’m not even sure why we were so worried about finding a seat because as soon as the night started, we all ran to the front of the stage where we remained for the rest of the night. The band opened up with the song “The Time Has Come”, by Hillsong, that amped the audience up and got them ready for what the rest of the night had to offer. Everyone was dancing, singing along, and having a blast and it was only the first song! My 2 friends and I were in charge of capturing videos and photos of the event so we were perusing the grounds the entire evening. There came a point in the evening where I couldn’t just stand there and film everyone else experience the evening and not enjoy it myself so I put down the camera half way through and remained at the front.

rach 2 love2

My favourite part of the evening was that I could reconnect with a girl whom I had met back in September but had not kept in close contact with. I knew that she was a Christian, so I invited her out to Western Worships hoping she might be interested. We had an opportunity during the night to pray with one another and I saw my friend kneeling by herself so I approached her and asked if I could pray for her. She ended up thanking me and opening up to me about her past. Words cannot describe the transformation inside my friend that evening. Western Worships enabled us to reconnect once again, and since then we have remained quite close.


I believe that God places certain people and events in our lives for a purpose. Nothing happens by accident. God knew my friend was suffering, and a night of restoration and redemption was what she needed.

That evening, four individuals went on stage and shared their personal testimonies to a crowd of 700 strangers, yet their had no fear because they had confidence that the Lord would take full control.

lucas laa

This post does not begin to do the evening’s dynamics justice, but I hope I was able to articulate the sublime evening or praise and worship hosted right here on our campus at Western University.

After the evening ended, I was flooded with text messages from friends, thanking me for the invite and asking me when the next Western Worships event was taking place. Unfortunately, this is an event that runs annually, so we have another great year before us to start planning another indescribable evening of Western Worships.


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