Growth and Challenge

Our experiences determine who we are. From these experiences we can draw insight, seek courage, and build our identity. Think of the whole process as a workout – we can shape our mental ourselves through choosing what kind of experiences to incorporate into our lives. For most of us, we prefer the safe, stable and routine activities in our daily lives, such as studying for exams and watching Netflix – things we’ve done a million times before and will likely to do a million times more in the future, as we tend to seek comfort in our routines.  Unfortunately, such routines do little for our personal growth, the same way that lifting the same weight everyday won’t make us any stronger.

Close your eyes and picture yourself as you someone who will succeed in life, feel the energy, the determination, and the confidence. How can you get there? The mental discipline and strength required to excel in life takes years to develop. To become such an individual, one needs to train their mental selves to become stronger, in the same way that athletes training for years to become strong enough for the Olympics games.

However, to grow means to be challenged; it means going out of your comfort zone and to experience what is it like to be in some else’s shoes. So when you come back, you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too.  After all, maturity and wisdom are not some innate talent; they’re born of empathy and awareness of others.


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