The Motivational Post that Keeps Things Real

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people chatter away about the specifics of an exam immediately after it has been written. Not only does this cause unnecessary stress and chaos, I find myself secretly beating myself up because I think I did worse than all of my friends. And while a little bit of competition can be healthy, it can easily get out of hand and ruin relationships. We all have that one friend who is super jealous all of the time and can really get on your nerves but you tolerate them anyway. The only thing worse than that is when you become that friend.

With so many people and so much competition, it is “easy” (for lack of a better word) to feel like your marks or your so-called scholastic achievements are all that define you. I can’t lie to you and say that they’re not a part of you; as students, a huge part of our lives is centered on school. However, sometimes we get stuck with things that we’re not so proud of such as a bad grade or an endless pile of homework that we’ve procrastinated on for weeks and lose sight of the motivation that we started out with. So I thought that for this week, I’d give you the motivation you need so that you can stop giving yourself that same, worn-out excuse every night as you turn on Netflix… or is that just something I do?!


Hey you! Yes, the one reading this right now, don’t look behind you. I know you’ve been having some ups and downs and not everything is going as planned. You know what? That’s how it should be. University isn’t just a place to get good grades; it is a place to grow. You’re young, ambitious and full of energy. You have more potential than you will ever know. Sometimes you may not be displaying that full potential and sometimes you’ll throw that potential out the window entirely and do some really dumb things that you’ll regret later. The beauty in that, however, is that you will get up stronger and wiser. Take every opportunity that comes your way. Know that sometimes you’ll fail and it’ll seem like you’ll never recover. You know what? You will recover. So bring out your toughest Band-Aid, slap it over your scratches and persevere. Some wounds will leave a scar, and you will need to learn to love them, own them and carry them around as a testament of your strength. Go forth and conquer.

The odds won’t always be in your favour, so I won’t wish such a useless wish for you. Instead: may you forever keep fighting for your dream, no matter how many times you fall.


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